Trollbeads Elderflowers Rings Review

Trollbeads-Mette-Saabye-elderflower-collection-coverTrollbeads released a collection of jewelry pieces designed by Mette Saabye named the Elderflowers Collection which included 4 rings, 3 sets of earrings, and an amazing brooch.  This set was the first of its kind; specifically designed and co-branded with the artisan and featuring only non-charm jewelry, although there is already an Elderflower bead released for with Trollbeads Spring 2013 collection.  I’ve actually never purchased anything other than charms from Trollbeads, so I was quite excited to see this motif as it’s something that really appealed to me.

I ended up getting the stackable rings because I thought they’d be the most functional for me.  Even though I love the brooch I don’t think I attend enough events that warrant such a gorgeous cultured statement piece.  By themselves, the flower rings are slender and elegant but worn together, they are divine.  Whenever I wear more than two rings I always find my finger swelling slightly, but the width of the ring is barely wider than a strip of wire so even with 3 rings, it’s hardly more than the width of one normal ring.

The entwined Elderflowers two-tone ring is a high polished silver, something you don’t really see with Trollbeads, with two dots of gold in the center of each flower. Given the high sheen with these pieces, they were difficult to photograph as they reflected the light so well.  My favorite is the Elderflower Bud ring because the stone is a brilliant yellow-green peridot that is clear and translucent; the other flower on the ring is encrusted with a diamond center.  The Elderflower Berry ring sports a luscious garnet that is actually quite dark and almost verging on brown.  Unlike the peridot, this stone is bordering on opaque preventing most light from escaping its depths.  Similar to the Bud ring, it is also offset with another flower that’s diamond set.

Each ring is priced at $135 which makes it one of the more affordable pieces from this collection, and given the precious gemstones adorning them, it’s actually pretty reasonable.  I made my purchase at Trollbead Boutique where they offer $20 off every $100 spent (code: GIFT20, GIFT40, etc.).  I’ve been very pleased with my first impression of Trollbeads jewelry, although I would have to say that these are probably some of the most feminine and dainty designs available from their collection.  What do you think of these rings?  How do they compare to Pandora?

  • Morgan

    I’ve always preferred Pandora for Jewlery, not paying much attention to others, but I have to admit I did order the Garnet Flower ring 😀 Hope it will stack nice with the Pandora cherry blossom rings

    • Leann

      I think it’ll look very nice with the single flower cherry blossom ring! The ring is very delicate looking though so may not be as wide as the Pandora ring :).

  • Jennifer

    I am most definitely a Trollbeads girl ! I don’t care for the enamel on Pandora. I love how unique Trollbeads look.

    • Leann

      They sure are! I love Trollbeads glass especially, there is no other brand that comes close.