Trollbeads Elderflowers Collection Release


Yesterday brought a few exciting releases from Trollbeads – first we saw the debut of the LE Aurora bead and bangle set and second, Trollbeads premiered their first ever entire jewelry collection featuring a specific designer.  We got a preview of the Mette Saabye for Trollbeads Elderflowers Collection last week and I have to say I’m even more enthralled with this collection than when I first saw it.  The blooms are so elegantly glamorous and the high polish of these pieces are simply dazzling.  I love this set!

One bit of information that was not released before is that this collection is limited edition and will not be carried by all retailers.  As this set contains some expensive pieces, some dealers have decided not to order them.  From these live shots (courtesy of Trollbead Boutique), you can tell that the jewelry is well sized and exquisitely crafted.  Surprisingly, my favorite piece has been the brooch even though I cannot recall a single occasion when I have worn a brooch, lol.  Following closely behind, the berry, bud, and elderflowers rings would be fantastic to stack together.

Trollbeads offers this information on the brilliant designer behind this series:

mette-saabye-trollbeadsMette Saabye was born in 1969 and is professionally educated as a jeweler.

Mette Saabye has studied jewellery design in Florence at Fuji Studio and at the Institute of Precious Metals from which she graduated in 1996. She has since worked as a designer and jewelry artist. Mette Saabye is one of Danish jewelry art’s most acclaimed experimental artists.

She has received numerous prestigious awards for her work including the St. Loye prize, which is Copenhagen Goldsmiths Guild prestigious recognition for young talent, Biennale Prize for Crafts and Design and the Government Arts 3 year work grant.

Mette Saabye has been designing for Trollbeads since 2006.

While I am lusting over this collection, I’m waffling a bit on the price.  The fact that it’s limited edition certainly sweetens the pot and Trollbead Boutique is offering $20 off every $100 spent so I will have to re-evaluate my priorities!  What do you think this set and Trollbeads decision to put out an independent jewelry collection?  Have you seen anything to change your mind?