Trollbeads Day Bead Preview and Contest Winner

trollbeads-day-bead-braceletLast night and this morning, retailers finally revealed the special charm made for the first annual Trollbeads Day bead! As I wrote on it last night, this very Trollish design features three trolls (or demons) which is vertically oriented.  The year is inscribed on the bottom but I’m told it is a subtle engraving.  These closeup photos are courtesy of Babs Trollbeads and really shows off the detail on this bead.

Trollbeads stores around the world are hosting special get-together and events to celebrate Trollbeads Day, and some are even giving out special swag items. In Denmark, retailers received a bowl and candlestick set as GWPs or door prizes, others are giving out drink tumblers or T-shirts.  I wish there were a large dealer near me so I could go celebrate in person, but I will just have to wait for my goodies to arrive in the mail. Trollbead Boutique is giving away T-shirts and is offering 25% off (code: CD25) on all beads until Monday to celebrate!

Now for the announcement of the winner for our Trollbeads Day bracelet and bead giveaway! First, I want to thank everyone who participated and your wonderful photos and stories behind your bracelets. I love that we all have such fond memories associated with these little pieces of jewelry and please keep posting your pictures on the blog and my Facebook Page as well :). The winner is Christin M. and she has already been contacted.

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Are you attending any Trollbeads Day events today? Did you pick anything up?

  • Christin

    Leann!! OMG! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I’m so appreciative and excited!! Totally amazing! Here’s what I wore today in anticipation of the bead and in celebration of TBs Day (though I was “stuck” at work. Bet we all know about snapping photos at our desks while looking over our shoulders, wink). Not sure if he’ll live on this combo permanently, but he does seem to belong with the “climbing” Troll! Thanks TBs and Leann. xoxo

    • Rae


      • Christin

        thanks, rae!

    • Leann

      Woohoo! Congratulations Christin :D.

      • Christin

        🙂 im seriously on pins and needles! (bounce, bounce) thanks so much!!

    • jae

      Congrats!!! And I think your combo with ‘him’ (or is it them since there are 3 faces?) is perfect

      • Christin

        ha! you are so right. AND it’s pretty biased of me to call “them” boys, huh? so “them” is much more fitting. 😉

  • Christin

    it’s here! it’s here!! i love this bead and am so surprised about the fall lock! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TROLLBEADS and Charmsaddict’s LEANN!!

    • Leann

      Fabulous! I’m so glad you got it already :D.