Trollbeads Day this August 1st


This year Trollbeads will be hosting an international event called Trollbeads Day!  On August 1st participating retailers will invite customers to come celebrate their Trollbeads collection and stories, and have an opportunity to purchase an exclusive limited edition bead that will only be offered on Trollbeads Day 2014.  The company is also giving its fans an opportunity to share your Trollbeads story with them before June 30th to see your moments shared on the website!

The limited edition bead is very exclusive and will be a surprise up until the very last minute – retailers have not been able to see it and it has been kept a secret even from executives at Trollbeads USA. What little information is known is that the exclusive bead is sterling silver and $68USD.

I am dying to see this exclusive bead and celebrate the brand along with other trollies around the world on August 1st. I may also have a special event happening on Charms Addict on Trollbeads Day 2014 as well, so stay tuned! Are you excited for this event and do you have a local store to celebrate at?

  • AnnWoo

    Yes I am excited about but hope I have more money I my bank account by then! M

    • Leann

      Hehe, I know what you mean!

  • Carolyn

    Another “limited edition” bead made me laugh. Wow, the amount of “limited edition” beads they’re now doing…yeh /cough

    • Leann

      It does seem pretty frequent, but I’m definitely a sucker for them.

  • jae

    LOL I hear you, Ann-I hope my store will have this bead as they seldom have any of the specials

  • Melinda Deyhle

    Hmmm. I wonder what it is?

    • Leann

      No idea :O.

  • Bonnie May

    Yeah, even though I was lucky enough to get a Tranquil Fantasy (along with a $60 parking ticket & my car towed) I’m kinda over the “limited editions.” And what kind of bright idea is it to only sell it for one day? What do they do with any that don’t sell? My store still has plenty of the Daydream dangles, which a I recall were “special” for the Spring launch event!

    • Leann

      I’m not sure if they’re only selling it for one day, but it won’t be revealed until August 1st. I would love to have a store to go to though! 🙂

  • Margarita Nieves

    Limited Edition = sell faster, the company wants to sell faster, as they threathen to not make any more……Im really starting to hate this…… ;(

    • Leann

      :(, I think they need to slow down too. Getting impossible to keep up!

  • ruth

    no local store 🙁

  • filiaecclesia

    Just caught a view of the LE Trollbead Day silver bead. I hate it. It’s ugly – can’t imagine seeing that on my wrist. It isn’t winsome like the early Soren Nielsen pieces – it’s fierce and leering. Is the idea that it should be “edgy”? Nope, I’ll save my $$ for a more beautiful, elegant Troll piece. Disappointed.

    • Leann

      It’s geared towards old Trollbeads fans who love the “ugly” pretty aesthetic I think. 🙂

  • filiaecclesia

    I love the brand, love many of the beads, love the community of Trollies, especially the international aspect. This past Christmas time Trollbeads had an incredible, touching Christmas card event. I’m an absolute purist when it comes to Trollbeads vs. ANY other charm bead brand. That being said, I don’t love everything they do. . .