Trollbeads Day 2015 Announced

trollbeads-logo2Trollbeads has announced that their second annual Trollbeads Day is scheduled for next month on June 6th!  This is a designated day that Trollbeads stores can host an event for fans to get together and play over our beads.  Last year’s Trollbeads Day was on a Friday, perhaps not as convenient for those of us who have to work, so for 2015 it will be on a Saturday.

Similar to the first Trollbeads Day, there will be an exclusive bead released for the event.  The sneak peeks were offered on Snap Chat last year, but they weren’t really helpful in previewing what the actual design was.  I would expect similar secrecy for this year’s charm but I was told it is a glass bead priced at $56USD.  I also found out that it will only be available in stores and not sold online, although I’m not sure if that means local dealers cannot sell it on the web or just that it won’t be on the official website (I suspect the latter).  More details to follow soon!

I’m always a sucker for limited editions and I can’t wait to see what the design is this year.  Did you participate in last year’s event?  What are you hoping the charm will be?

  • Sandy G

    Hi Leanne,
    I really hope that you can purchase this TB Day bead online.
    Unfortunately, many of us do not have a store close by.
    Cheers, Sandy

    • Leann

      I’m sure local dealers will be able to sell it online. I don’t have a good store near me either :/.

  • Alexander

    Well, knowing that this years bead will be a faceted glass bead and a theam is dawn in the forest, i expect a green colored bead with some yellow/brown and probably glitter.

    • Leann

      Ooooo thanks for the tip! 🙂

  • Liz

    Hello Leanne, is it any Trollbeads store in Seattle area?

    • Leann

      There’s a couple stores in Seattle but not really big ones or knowledgeable :(. I love Tartooful and I actually visited the store a couple years ago. It is a bit more north than I was anticipating so it’s quite the car ride. About 4 hours not counting the border crossing. 🙂

  • rainey

    Tartooful is in Edgemont Village on Vancouver’s North Shore. It’s a great shop with a lovely owner and a really charming community that would be worth the drive to me. Cathy will probably have something planned and she has a whole community of TB customers who might be interested in some trades.

    Edgemont is a great spot with restaurants, several coffee shops, an adorable little independent bookstore, a sensational kids’ bookstore and the kind of old fashioned toy store with great wooden toys that you just don’t see anymore. Besides all that, you get the feeling of being on vacation just being under trees on the side of the mountain.

    If you make it an overnight, there are hotels just down the road. Across the road there’s a spectacular suspension bridge and a tourist site called Treetops which has platforms and catwalks among the canopy of enormous old growth fir trees. A few miles away there’s an enormous world-class shopping center called Park Royal that’s also worth visiting if you want to take advantage of the rate on your American dollar. And, if you don’t mind pricey, there’s a restaurant called The Observatory on the top of the mountain where they have great food and a purely awesome view out over the water that faces the sunset and Vancouver Island.

    If I weren’t stuck in Los Angeles I’d be there in a heartbeat!

    • Liz

      Is it Vancouver, WA or Vancouver BC?

      • rainey

        It’s BC. Which is why you’d get the favorable currency rate. But I don’t think there’s a big difference in the travel distance between either of the Vancouvers, is there?

        Google says the difference in time is minutes and the difference in difference is under 20 miles.

        Are you tempted?

      • Lori

        Hmm I think as Vancouver WA is next to Portland it is about 4 or 5 hours from Vancouver BC by car depending on border waits, especially as Tartooful is in North Vancouver. I agree with Rainey though Vancouver is a nice place to visit. I would like to go to Tartooful for Trollbeads day too, as my local dealer won’t do anything and won’t get the Trollbeads day bead. I will probably just order the bead from Cathy, she is very nice and sends beads out right away. I have high hopes that I will really like this bead.

      • rainey

        Yup, the border crossing is the big difference. Do you guys have the Border Buddy app? It monitors the wait in real time so you can see if the crossings at Lynden, the Peace Arch or the truck crossing will be better. There can be a really significant difference!

        When I go I’m driving from Los Angeles to BC so the difference between Seattle and North Van is a blip. ; > But I love Vancouver & Edgemont, in particular, so much it’s worth it to me.

        OTOH, if Cathy will (or is allowed to) sell the bead by mail that would be great! It’s also worth knowing that, so long as you pay the postage, she’s willing to ship and that avoids the Provincial and GST taxes as well.

      • Liz

        By the amount of gas I need to drive there, I doubt I will care much about exchange rate 🙂

  • JJ

    Where can I get Official Trollbeads in UK at a decent discount? (like 50%)
    Can anyone in UK recommend where they get their beads?

    • julie

      I dont think there is anywhere in the UK where you can get a discount on genuine Trollbeads, some sites do have sales now and again and you can get a few bargains online but you just have to watch out for them. I get my Trollbeads from the Trollbead shop in Cambridge, if you can get there it is well worth a visit , the staff are so helpful and friendly, and its nice to see the actual beads in person. Otherwise I order my beads online from Perlen and the exclusive bead store, both have excellent stock and good customer service.

  • JJ

    Great Julie. I shall check out Perlen and the Bead Store

  • Bonnie

    I couldn’t get to a store last year (last minute trip to Cape Cod, the only seller on the Cape wasn’t having an event), but was able to acquire a bead – which I’ve since seen people resell for a fraction of the cost! If I have a chance to work that day I’d rather do that, although of course at some point I’m sure I’ll have to have the bead! 😉

    • Leann

      It definitely was not a design that everyone loved, lol. Hopefully it’ll be more universally popular this time. 🙂