Trollbeads Colorful 2014 Uniques

trollbeads-colorful-uniques-uk-setsEarlier this spring, Trollbeads released a new set of unique glass featuring colorful prints and textured flowers.  Initially these only appeared in the UK but after a couple months arrived in the US and Denmark.  At first I wasn’t a fan of these patterns since the color combinations are difficult to match and I wasn’t blown away by them.  But they grew on me and I managed to contain myself until they were more widely released before hunting down my favorites.  The cover photos are by Trollbeads Heaven (or Unique Bead Store).

As with all uniques, these do not have names and the best I could categorize them as are “colorful”.  There are about three different designs in this production set (as far as I can tell): textured flowers, bright stripes, and spirographs.  Usually the Trollbeads flower glass beads do not appeal to me but these flowers were crafted on top of the glass which gives it really interesting textures.  The stripes include both ones with bubbles and patterns that look more like wedges.  The spirographs are various shades but all on dark glass.  Another interesting characteristic of these beads is that they are on the larger side, more like production glass than uniques and definitely bigger than the Small & Beautifuls.


I was surprised that I’m so obsessed with these uniques since I’m generally not a fan of multi-colored glass. I love how textured and big these beads are – they remind me of a crazy arboretum.  Some of the designs can still be found on Perlen or Trollbeads Delaware (under photos), and they’re worth checking out.  I’m hoping to incorporate these into more bracelet themes in the future, but for now I’m wearing them together.  Have you seen these glass beads around?  Are you a fan of these designs?

  • Lori

    So many pretty beads, how do you decide?

    • Leann

      It was very difficult, but I actually liked these flower beads a lot. I gravitated towards the colors that appealed to me :).

  • CarolinaWings

    They are a riot of eye candy for sure. Very appealing, all of them.

    • Leann

      They really are :D. They also do look like candy, haha.