Trollbeads Chess Lock

trollbeads-chess-lockTrollbeads had a sales conference for their retailers last week unveiling the designs and ideas for the upcoming collection this year.  As part of their gift bags included the much coveted Chess Lock, which has never actually been made available for retail sale.  This special lock has been given out for the past few years at training events and Trollbeads University where dealers get to learn all there is to know about the brand.  The lock is such a special part of Trollbeads history as the design is actually taken from the black and white checkerboard background that Trollbeads was first displayed upon.

Because the recipients have to promise not to sell the chess lock, these are hard to find so when they are available, you can bet that they command a pretty penny.  With another batch given out recently, you may be lucky enough to find one on eBay.  These would be the equivalent of the Pandora “Staff” charm but for some reason they have not been as difficult to acquire.  This lock was on my most-wanted list ever since I started collecting Trollbeads and luckily I was able to find it without too much hassle and without having to sell a kidney.

It is one of my most treasured Trollbeads pieces and I absolutely adore the design – it is so simple yet elegant.  Because of its simplicity, it is so versatile and easy to combine with any design.  My only concern is that it is one of the smaller locks, on the same scale as the plain lock, but because it is so valuable I am afraid to wear it too much although I’ve never actually had a problem with it.  So, to honor the rich tradition of Trollbeads, I decided to feature the chess lock with an array of black and white beads.


Bead index (starting from left): chess lock, white flower, white bubbles, WT Hong Kong mahjong, chess, black dillo, big berry, black bubbles, zebra, WT big world, white diamonds, black spot, LE anniversary viking knot (retired), black dot, grey wolf, jugend, black diamond, white steel, winter, fashion flower.

  • Angela

    Oh Miss Leann…. you have done it again (: made my wish list longer. Love this bracelet I have only 4 of the 13 glass beads you have featured so have to get busy finding a few more , plus the chess lock. Do you think most of the other glass should be readily available?

    • Leann

      Hi Angela, all the glass beads on this one are production glass so they are widely available! 😉

  • Angela

    Holy cow, no kidding about almost needing to sell a Kidney for this lock. I checked eBay, seems not many have ever been listed and the lowest price it sold for was $139 and highest is $299. A couple listed now and they are $225 and $299.

    • Leann

      Yeah… :(.

  • Ashley

    Out of all the locks I’ve seen, I’m not that impressed with this one. And I don’t get why it’s that expensive either? Because it’s so new, maybe?

    • Endangered Trolls

      The Chess Lock tends to either be something people need or they aren’t bothered with.

      It’s difficult to categorise because it’s not “retired” but it’s never been in the collection either. My gut feeling is that Trollbeads are still producing it in small numbers. I don’t think what has been given out recently is from a vault somewhere.

      As Leann already said it’s quite a light weight lock too.

      As for it’s value.. older Trollbeads still fetch crazy amounts of money – still into the thousands of dollars for some very rare designs. I doubt the Chess Lock will ever be available to buy in stores so it comes down to supply and demand. The supply is inconsistent and I guess the demand is still decent.

      I love mine and personally I’d not part with it but you are paying for a piece of history as opposed to an actual physical value in terms of silver.

      I guess the question is as to how many of these locks will be gifted in the future and that’s the part none of us know.

    • Leann

      A simple matter of supply and demand, plus you add the fact that it can’t be normally found and hardcore collectors start frothing at the mouth (that’s me!). Lol. 😉

  • Linda

    Great bracelet!

    • Leann

      Thanks, Linda!