Trollbeads Catching Hearts Lock

trollbeads-catching-heartsOne of the features that makes Trollbeads different than Pandora, Chamilia, and Ohm Beads is the lock and chain mechanism that allows the entire bracelet to be customized including the clasp.  As we’re approaching Valentine’s Day, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to review the Catching Hearts clasp, which would be great for any Valentine’s theme bracelet.  For some background, this lock was introduced with the Spring 2012 collection, over a year ago.  After it was initially released, the Catching Hearts were recalled due to a faulty design and it wasn’t until after Mother’s Day that it was shipped back to retailers for sale.

Given this spotty history for the clasp I was quite hesitant to order it, but since it was literally the last (silver) clasp that I didn’t have, I bought it anyway.  Along with the Big Fish double-clasp and the Big Flower double-clasp, this one is also at the top end of prices for locks at $69USD.  The Catching Hearts is quite different than the other clasps in its shape; two hearts are interlocking in this design and what is really fantastic are the tiny heart details all around the surface of the piece giving it more texture than you would normally see from the locks (although honestly if you don’t look closely enough, they look like little boils, lol).  The curve of the larger heart extends quite further up than the normal clasps making it quite apparent that it is a clasp.

Unfortunately, having played around with this lock for a while, I would have to say that this is the most difficult to use clasp that I own.  Now I understand why this design was recalled.  The problem comes from the smaller end of the clasp where it hooks onto the open end of the bracelet.  The bottom of the heart creates a hook and the gate of the clasp is too short to be opened without your nail blocking the entryway.  It’s difficult to describe so I have included these pictures to demonstrate.  It’s not impossible to get the chain on, but it can be a somewhat frustrating process to figure out.  I think I’ve finally mastered a technique to work with this clasp by carefully turning my thumbnail to the side when opening the gate, but it’s still a struggle.

Once it’s on, I don’t plan to change this bracelet around so please pardon me using pictures from a past post!  🙂


Bead index (starting from left): heart lock, Asian hearts, pink diamond, unique pink scallop, decorative bird, unique pink harlequin, unique cranberry dillo, pink trace, paxsuzbeads diamond heart, unique pink spinner, unique pink hearts, unique pink stripes, redbalifrog LE klimt, unique pink glitter dots, unique pink python, unique cranberry dillo, ugly duckling, pink buds, Asian hearts, unique pink python, cherry blossom.

  • Debra

    Very Pretty, I love the pink glitter dots.

    • Leann

      Thanks, Debra!

  • Mars

    Hi Leann

    Great review of the clasp and excellent description/photos to match of the issue, I don’t have this one and did wonder how it worked so the close up photos are fab, think it looks great and your post made me giggle to myself… (I had problems with the Lock with Buds on the small end and that also makes me keep it on a bracelet once it’s on!!)

    Happy Blogging
    Mars xx

    • Leann

      Thanks, Mars! I had to take the clasp off to photograph the closeups and I was cursing the damn thing as I was trying to get it back on, lol.

  • Angela

    Nice photography and beautiful bracelet, love all the pink beads especially the two Dillos. Always love to see how many beads/charms from my collection that are featured in your bracelets. This time sadly I have only 2, Asian Hearts and the Cherry Blossom.Planning to get a second Asian Hearts this Spring,as I noticed that you use multiples on several compositions seems a good bead to have multiples of.
    Sigh .. wish Troll had broken Asian into a whole collection of Asian and Pacific countries. rather than lump them all together ,would have been spectacular. If they were doing regions only then instead of Bavaria the Blue Checkered bead should have been European Squares….nothing against Bavaria just wonder what Trollbeads, direction is why they did Bavaria a single country #1 and Asia representing several countries as #2.
    I need to get a new lock,don’t have to have every Troll lock, even though I wanted this heart one ,would you recommend the Redbali for looks, heft and ease of use over this featured one?You mentioned that the heart lock was recalled , does that mean they are no longer being sold ?
    Try this it really saves frustration not to mention the manicure… especially when the bracelet is packed full of beads to the very end.
    …. fill with beads, then using the bracelet end jump ring like a needle eye, thread a piece of thread maybe 6 ” or so through, form a loop,fold in half hold tight and open the bracelet hinge and put it through the bracelet eye. That way fingers are out of the way and the beads stay behind the circle jump ring till the lock is in place.

    • Debbie

      Thanks Angela, great tip with the thread 🙂

    • Leann

      Thanks, Angela! The Asian Hearts is a versatile bead and I completely agree with you that TB should have broken out the Asian countries. I would definitely recommend the *redbalifrog* heart lock over this clasp. The catching hearts were recalled right after they came out last year in February, but were remade and are available for sale currently. It must have been even worse, although I can’t imagine how – I curse this lock every time I have to wrestle with it! Great tip regarding the thread, I will have to give that a try :).

  • Sandi


    I have to say I had nothing but grief from the double heart clasp. My first one broke and the beads were scattered about, fortunately I found them all. The little clasp was the culprit.

    The replacement clasp lasted longer, but it also ended up breaking in a similar matter but this time I noticed it as I was putting the bracelet on. Because of my great relationship with my Trollbead dealer and this being the third time with the problem they let me exchange it for a different clasp that I’m very happy to be an owner of and have had no issues with my new one.

    • Leann

      Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the effort, but as long as I don’t change my bracelet, I won’t have to deal with it ;). Glad to hear your LD was so great about replacing it!

      • Sandi

        I think that it was from opening it and taking it on and off my wrist that torqued the smaller clasp. But as you say thank goodness for the kindness of my LD.

  • Ashley

    I just LOVE this particular bracelet Leann, so it’s totally okay by me that you used the picture from a previous post! 🙂

    That sucks to hear how complicating this lock is. Out of all the TB locks this one has always been my fave, going by how cute it looks. Now, after reading what all y’all have to say, I dunno if I should go ahead and buy this particular lock. Hmmmm…

    • Leann

      Thanks, Ashley! Like I said, it’s not impossible, but just be ready to wrestle the chain into place. I really like the *redbalifrog* heart lock as an alternative, and I think I’ll get that one too in the future. 🙂

  • Trolldora

    oh, so cute! the set is simply irresistible 🙂

    • Leann

      Thanks, Trolldora :).

  • Debbie

    Hi everyone,

    I think this lock looks lovely but because of the recall and the problems I heard about it, I have the redbalifrog heart lock instead. I can highly recommend it as an alternative if you’re worried about the Trollbeads version.

    • Leann

      I think so too, Debbie. Thanks for confirming! 🙂

  • Jeanne

    Well, this lock is off my list! Leann, since you have all the TB silver locks now, will you do a post comparing all of them for ease of use, appearance, etc.?

    • Leann

      That I will, Jeanne! Look for it in the coming weeks :).

  • Jeanne

    Leann, I see you have the Ugly Duckling charm on this bracelet. Do you find that it spins around and spends most of the time upside down? I’d kind of like to get it, but I don’t like it when directional beads are upside down most of the time.

    I have Viking Ship from Denmark World Tour, and although I love it, it looks capsized most of the time!

    • Leann

      I build my bracelets very full so it spins around with the beads but it doesn’t hang upside down. I think the weight is pretty well distributed. 🙂 Hilarious commentary on your viking ship!

  • Nancy Callahan Schulz

    Hi Leann, I am new to Pandora and have a question about the “fascinating red” charm, #791066. On the charm, does it have the mark “975” or “S975”. Thank you! I enjoy reading your daily postings.

    • Leann

      Hi Nancy, it should be S925 :).

      • Nancy

        Thank you!

  • Nancy Callahan Schulz

    I’m sorry, my post should have asked about “925” or “S925”! Thanks.

  • Lisa Harris

    Which lock is the lengthiest (of
    Trollbead or Redbalifrog brands)? My 7.1 inch trollbead bracelet is almost too short, and I need the longest possible lock.

    • Leann

      That would be the Big Flower or Big Fish double lock. They’re 3 cm instead of 2. If the chain is too short, you also might be able to exchange it at the retailer.