Trollbeads Carved Ambers Review

trollbeads-carved-ambersUniques have always been a driving factor behind Trollbeads and this includes ambers as well.  I’ve personally never gotten caught up in the amber craze, but last year I finally took the plunge and invested in a few amber beads.  There are a surprising amount of variation in these beads; from color to opacity and inclusions, even etchings and faceting, Trollbeads offers a wide selection of ambers. Recently, Trollbeads released an extremely limited number of large and regular sized carved amber beads with mainly critter motifs. This is the first time that the brand has offered these highly crafted beads and I could not resist getting a few!


The large ambers were carved with roses, ladybugs, turtles, scarabs, fish; the smaller beads also depicted these themes and in addition there were horseshoes as well.  I would imagine that these would be hand carved with all the detail and delicacy needed to handle this soft material.  I absolutely adore the roses and was lucky enough to get the XL version as well as a ladybug in both big and regular size.  These beads are absolutely exquisite and beyond compare.  The large carved ambers are most certainly focal pieces and would be best showcased on a bangle.  The smaller carved ambers come in different widths, with some skinny beads and some plumper ones.

The retail price on these was steep with the large ambers costing $275 and regular ones $110.  With only 65 confirmed large numbers that were released, it’s very much supply and demand.  Even with the high prices, these went extremely quick and most retailers have sold out of their limited supply.  I wanted to highlight my rose and ladybugs with this delightful garden themed bracelet.  What do you think of the carved ambers?  Worth the price?


Bead index (starting from left): tulip lock (retired), unique amber python, engraved amber, blossom, faceted amber, unique orange footprint, owl, unique yellow fern, gecko, large carved rose amber, opposites, unique yellow bubbles, birdhouse, carved ladybug amber, LE glowing pansies, butterfly swarm, glitter amber, orange pod, ladybug.

  • Vanessaqq

    I have to admit that Rose Amber bead is such a beautiful piece though the price is really really high.

    • Leann

      Thank you! It is gorgeous. I think the price is a combination of the rarity and time it must have taken to carved these. 🙂

  • FairObjective

    Leann…I want your bracelet! It’s beautiful, and so cheerful; just like strolling through a sunny garden or park. The ambers are pretty expensive, but gorgeous; still on the fence about the cash layout, but I do love what they add to a design. Very eye-catching. Take care…Kim

    • Leann

      Thank you! Yes, just what I was going for :). They are pricey, but an investment, I think.

  • Amalia J

    I think they’re gorgeous, reminds me of the antique carved jade pieces

    • Leann

      They really are cool :). OOoh, that would be awesome! I hope Trollbeads makes carved stones but maybe that’s not possible on a production level.

  • Michelle

    Leann, as I told you in a previous post I was lucky enough to get one of the regular amber carved in the fish. I absolutely love it and have been wearing it on my bangle with the orange pod and green pod. Your rose amber and your bracelet are absolutely stunning!!
    As usual 😉

    • Leann

      Awesome! Great minds think alike ;). The pod beads work really well with the ambers, I think because they are so organic looking. Thank you! I love the rose ;).

  • Kari

    Where did you find the faceted ambers? Those are pretty too! Were they a recent find?

    • Leann

      I got my ambers from Trollbead Boutique; the faceted ones are less common but still not too hard to find. The store does bead parties on their FB page, and sometimes they post ambers too. They’re just the regular $43 unique price. 🙂