Trollbeads Balance of Nature Kit

trollbeads-balance-of-nature-kitAs my long time readers know, I absolutely adore Trollbeads glass and anytime they release new collections I try and feature the glass kits first.  The theme of the Trollbeads Autumn 2015 Collection is Mystic Nature and the Balance of Nature Kit does a fantastic job of reflecting the majestic colors of our world.  The beads include Rainbow of Luck, Strength of Sunset, Purity, Shades of Peace, Power of Hope, and Pure Heart.

The artists combine complementary colors together for a really cohesive set.  The beads all feature coppery glitter which matches the Sparkle Kit perfectly; but while that kit is mostly pastel, the Balance of Nature Kit has darker shades.  The colors are more neutral than I was expecting from the stock photos, and they go well with other organic beads.

There is an incredibly wide variation with these beads, especially the Rainbow of Luck which is aptly named since that phenomenon boast a wide variety of hues.  Only Pure Heart has a pattern – large beige bubbles on a black background, otherwise the other designs only features the brilliant colors with glitter and a clear glass overlaid on top.  I hope I named the beads correctly as they look little like the stock photos.

Trollbeads glass have small cores and are only compatible with non-threaded chains like Trollbeads and *redbalifrog*.  This set can be purchased together or separately from my recommended retailers: the official webstore (US), or retailers like Trollbeads Gallery (US), Trollbeads Delaware (US), Perlen (Denmark), and Oromoda (Italy).  This is definitely my favorite kit in this release but I will also be reviewing the Dreams of Freedom designs soon.  The Balance of Nature kit pair with other neutral and organic beads perfectly, have you picked up any of these glass?


Bead index (starting from left): soft wind of change lock, azure bubbles, third eye, compass, labradorite, purity, dragonfly, unique olive footprint, pure heart, holly berry, onyx, strength of sunset, dancing butterfly, organic bubbles, rainbow of luck, trunk of treasures, power of hope, lapis lazuli, path of life, shades of peace, unique black polka dots.

  • filiaecclesia

    I purchased two Strength of Sunset beads, and one Rainbow of Luck at Bloomin’ Boutique in Lewes, DE, and you’re right that there is a greater than usual variety to these new beads. I love the unusual dark plum (?) background of the SofS bead, but hadn’t realized that the glitter is copper, not gold toned as in past glitter beads. These would go beautifully with the new-ish copper bangle, I think, though I definitely prefer gold glitter.