Trollbeads Autumn 2014 Collection Pendants

trollbeads-lotus-pendantsIn one of my last Trollbeads Autumn 2014 Collection reviews, I take a look at the gorgeous pendants released this season. The collection is called Eastern Meets Nordic and these certainly have an Eastern flare – called Tree of Awareness and Giant Lotus.  One of the unique products from Trollbeads is their fantasy necklaces and I’ve previously featured the Onyx Fantasy Necklace.  The necklaces can be worn in a variety of ways and the pendants provide the versatility for them to do so.

The Tree of Awareness is the larger of the two designs; it depicts a Buddha meditating in front of a tree.  The details are exquisitely outlined from the leaves to the Buddha’s expression.  The back isn’t lost either as the trunk is grooved and provides a lot of texture.  It is definitely a focal piece and I would say that this is almost too big to wear on a bracelet, but of course it could be utilized in that fashion.  The stock images doesn’t show it but this pendant is open works and has 3 openings on top.  It doesn’t sit well on the bangle as it cannot slide on face up.

The Giant Lotus depicts the flower with big silver petals curved to hug a bead.  It can be worn in either direction and, if you had two you could sandwich a bead in between.  Whereas the Tree of Awareness is on the larger side for me, the Giant Lotus can be worn on the necklace, bracelet, or bangle.  It is beautiful and incredibly adaptable, making it one of my favorite designs from this collection.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this entire collection and it’s been a lot of fun to experiment with different combinations.  I used these pendants in many different ways, and I hope the pictures show them off.  These pieces can be purchased from the official Trollbeads site, with free shipping and returns in the US.  Do you have a fantasy necklace?  How would you wear the pendants?

  • Sandra

    I’ve just ordered a Giant Lotus for my bangle. I’m hoping it will be as versatile as you say Leann.

    • Leann

      Cool! Let me know what you think :).