Trollbeads Artisan Event Beads 2014

trollbeads-artisan-event-beads-2014I had an amazing time attending the Trollbeads at the Beach event last weekend and I’m still going through photos for a write-up of the fabulous party (coming soon!).  In the meantime, one of the unique offerings for the show were the Artisan Event Beads.  These are only available to retailers who hosted artisan shows this last quarter of the year.  I’m told that is just 3 stores so it makes these quite exclusive; the photos are courtesy of Trollbeads Delaware.

There are 3 distinct designs in this set – the first one reminds me of peacock flowers, with the petals in a fanned pattern; the second are flowers off a vine; and the third resemble leaves.  They come in a variety of colors, mainly pastels, and of course I bought a few of the green ones!  Even though I’ve seen some of these designs in the recent uniques available, it’s still lovely to see so many variations.  For those keeping track, last year’s artisan event beads including the two-tone lime green and purple dillos and the Trollbeads by the Beach glass.

Trollbeads Delaware (Blooming Boutique) bought out an incredible number of these beads and after the event they’ve opened them up to online shoppers!  The store still has a great selection posted on their Facebook page so check them out if you like these patterns.  They are classic core and retail at $46 each.  Have you seen these online?  Is it a pattern you’d get?

  • Sharene

    I like the second row last group, box 3. That is nice, but again that is my color. I’m stuck on Purple’s, Lavender’s and the like. Also Black, Red and White. The others are very nice, but just not my “thing”. I do have some with patterns that happened to be in a sale with other beads that I liked. Not sure where I’ll end up with those yet. I haven’t made any of my Trollbeads / Ohms bracelets YET, my days have just flown by and I have been busy as a bee. 🙂

    • Leann

      Great color combo! You really can’t go wrong with any of them ;). I know what you mean, for me it’s more like too many beads, not enough money! Haha.