Trollbeads Aqua Kit

trollbeads-aqua-kit-coverWith every Trollbeads release, I’m always drawn to their glass beads and generally kick off the reviews starting from there.  This post highlights the new Aqua Kit which debuted with the Spring 2015 Collection back in January.  These are production beads and part of the regular catalog priced at the tier I glass.  I prefer to buy my Trollbeads glass in kits since there’s a savings of one bead rather than buying them separately.

This brand does a wonderful job of pairing complementary colors together and this set features blues and greens.  The Aqua Kit includes Seabed Stripe, Spring Wave, Azure Wave, Seabed, Turquoise Silver Trace, and Turquoise Ribbon.  The most popular from this kit seems to be the Seabed Stripe with a mix of alternating blue, purple, and green stripes; the shades are so vibrant, it almost glows.  Spring Wave and Azure Wave feature the same paper fold pattern inside the glass in green and blue, respectively.  Seabed is a gorgeous light green with glitter sprinkled throughout – it goes wonderfully with the Sparkle Kit.  Turquoise Silver Trace has a column of bubbles in the bead and matches the other silver trace series.  Lastly, the Turquoise Ribbon is a re-release of the original so no change for that bead.

The glass from Trollbeads is simply amazing but unfortunately not compatible with threaded bracelets, like Pandora.  If you’re looking to purchase any of these beads, my recommended retailers are the official webstore (US), or stores like Trollbeads Delaware (US), Trollbeads Gallery (US),  Perlen (Denmark), Macrow Exclusive Bead Store (UK), and Oromoda (Italy).  I love this color pairing and with the theme of the collection being sea creatures and nature, I couldn’t resist adding a few of my favorite aquatic silvers.  Which bead is your favorite?  Have you gotten any of these designs?

Bead index (starting from left): big fish lock, jellyfish (retired), spring wave, sea glow, happy fish, turquoise silver trace, antique flower, African tortoise, unique green flowers, turquoise ribbon, geckos, seabed, unique blue dillo, mermaid and seaman, unique green bubbles, seabed stripe, snails in love, azure wave, unique green fern, ocean treasures.

  • Carol

    Leann, your bracelet is absolutely stunning! I have been admiring Trollbeads for quite a while, but this Aqua Kit finally lured me in! These are my FAVORITE colors and I am so excited about starting an ocean themed bracelet as well. I have the Azure Wave, but would like the other beads in this kit, including the Sea Glow and perhaps the new Italy bead. I haven’t been this excited about a collection since the Pandora Summer 2013 nautical charms. But, the Pandora Summer 2015 charms are very disappointing compared to these. I adore the murano glass beads and Pandora has NONE in their Summer collection! What is up with that? :/

    • Leann

      Thanks so much! I love playing with my Trollbeads and their spring collection is absolutely amazing ;). Pandora has moved away from glass a lot, they’ve retired tons within the past couple of years and not releasing as many either :/. It’s sad because I love the glass to add those pops of color!

  • Becky

    I too am lured in by these. Do you know of they will go onto the pandora bangle or not?

    • Carol

      I was so hoping that they would fit on the Pandora bangle too Becky! Unfortunately, Trollbeads will not fit on the Pandora bracelets due to the “threads”. 🙁 I really did not want to invest in another brand but, I caved in this time because Troll is having a free bracelet promo this month. (Purchase a “lock” priced at $56 and receive a free bracelet). The locks are really unique and beautiful, so it is well worth it! 😀

    • Leann

      No, they don’t fit on Pandora bracelets.