Trollbeads Anniversary Bracelet

What is it about hard to find charms and limited editions that I find so enticing?  Must be the limited quantities, but it’s always the same story.  I find out about something that’s HTF and long retired, and I want it!  I promised myself when I got into Trollbeads that this would be different – I wouldn’t trouble myself (and my bank account) on finding those expensive charms, but I sure was wrong, haha!  I came across the TB Limited Edition Anniversary Bracelet pretty soon after I started collecting TB.  For their 30th Anniversary, Trollbeads released a set of charms (and lock) that are true limited editions, i.e. they were even stamped x/5000.  5000 of these charms were made, and of all of them, I gravitated to the Anniversary flowers, which is just a wonderfully lovely bouquet.  I got this one off of eBay and couldn’t have been happier, until I got it…one of the flowers is partially rubbed off, which irritates me every time I see it.  But then again, that’s always the problem when you buy a charm that’s used.  I also found an excellent replica of the Anniversary caterpillar bead from Etsy, one of my favorite artisan bead makers.

Anyway, the only other charm I was really after in this set was the Viking Knot.  It’s a real focal piece for me, but unfortunately I hadn’t seen this one for sale and as the Anniversary Bracelet came out in 2006, all these charms have become a scarce commodity.  Enter Lili-Jane; when I did a post about them a few weeks ago, I contacted them myself to see what special charms they had still, and what do you know?  They had a Viking Knot!  I was tickled pink to be able to get my hands on this brand-new charm and they have been so understanding as I asked one question after another.  Lili-Jane is the original distributor of Trollbeads in Australia and was recently bought by another company so they are phasing out TB.  They are selling off their entire collection with prices up to 40% off Australia retail (prices prior to the 2011 price hike), including two-tone and gold charms!  Unfortunately, they don’t have a website, but here is a pricelist for current and retired charms and you can email Lili-Jane to inquire about purchasing.  They also sent me all kinds of TB packaging, how fun!

  • Debra

    Beautiful green bracelet, great found on the Viking Knots. I would love to have that one too.

  • Angela

    I have the same problem with trying to gather retired beads and charms. I thought and even told my friends that I would not go as deep into Troll as I did with Pandora. Bought my Troll bracelet Aug 5th. and it is nearly full Will have to upgrade bracelet size . Have started to collect the Musician series not because I like the musicians but because the beads are beautiful.
    Have my eye on a couple of the music series on Ebay. A bit nervous to bid are there any tricks to spotting real/ fake Troll glass beads . I feel a little reluctant to approach my Troll retailer to authenticate beads bought on Ebay, but I really want the Dolly bead for the price it is on Ebay.
    Love your bracelet , what is the silver charm in the middle is it the Forget Me Not?Will you try to get the other charms on the featured Troll bracelet. Would love to get the green one, but then would want to have all the others. Starting to feel like a hampster on a wheel.

    • Leann

      It’s so addicting, isn’t it?! Yes, that’s the forget me not, I just love all the flower charms! Glad you’re having fun with it, Angela :).

  • Uila

    I started to collect trollbeads and pandora around the same time, end of 2011.

    I managed to complete one anniversary bracelet and, with 3 more beads, I finish my second anniversary bracelet. I have two troll locks and two of each bead, besides the gold bead, the caterpillar and the prism (i have one of each of those 3, though). I even have two number blocks! As soon as I started collecting troll, I started my journey to collect the anniversary beads, one by one! When I look at it now, almost finished (I am OCD with bead buying, and always buy two of each), therefore, the two bracelets, but i wear it all in one chain for now, I may use the zucchini flower to unite two chains and close them both with just one troll lock, or close each chain with their own troll lock, I am still deciding, because my 19 cm chain is on its limit, and if I add the 3 beads I am still missing to complete the 2 sets, it wont have enough space.
    It is possible to complete it, even when you started collecting not long ago. just keep your eyes open, they may find their way to you when you least expect, just like your viking knot. 😉

    • Leann

      Wow! That’s incredible, Uilia. I commend you on your patience! I’d love to see a picture of your gorgeous necklace – feel free to email me or post on the Facebook page :).