Trollbeads 40th Anniversary Bracelet and Trollbeads Day Preview

trollbeads-lucky-friends-bracelet-40th-anniversary-coverExciting news for Trollbeads as we finally know what the brand will be doing for their 40th Anniversary celebration this year!  It’s hard to follow their fabulous 30th Anniversary Bracelet but they sure are making a great effort with this year’s offering.  The release will coincide with Trollbeads Day which will be July 2nd.  The launch includes a bracelet set and a very special bead, both are limited edition.

Unlike previous years where the Trollbeads Day charm has closely guarded until the release day, we actually have a preview!  The bracelet is called Lucky Friends and includes a brand new clasp and four-leaf clover bead of the same design.  There will be limited quantities and only sold online for just that day (July 2nd).  Stores can sell their inventory until stocks are exhausted.

In addition, there is a special Trollbeads Day charm simply titled Trollbeads Day Gold Bead.  It is 18K and also a four-leaf clover.  The LE Lucky Friends bracelet is $129USD and the Gold Bead is $521USD.  Retailers will be taking preorders soon I’m sure, but it will only be online come July 2nd.

I wish that Trollbeads was doing a more elaborate bracelet set for their 40th Anniversary but on the other hand, it is definitely more affordable this way, with a luxury option as well.  Are you looking forward to Trollbeads Day?

  • Et

    I am beginning to like Troll beads more than Pandora. Troll has good deals too. I may purchase the Lucky Friends bracelet because of the price. Thanks for keeping us posted, Leann!

  • Alice Wonder

    I like the pic, might get one. Clover is something I like a lot, just bring all these happy childhood memories.

  • Michele

    I will get one set for sure, I like Trollbead.

  • Definew

    may i have a advertisement tips on your web?

  • Sydney Bradford

    They are all so great, but I like this bracelet the best.