Trollbeads 2014 Uniques Year in Review

trollbeads-uniques-2014-coverIt’s New Year’s Eve and retrospectives are always very popular at this time of the year.  Following last year’s format, I wanted to feature the unique designs that were prominent through 2014.  The Trollbeads uniques are my absolute favorite glass beads to buy and I am constantly searching for the latest and most popular patterns.  This year was dominated by more Small & Beautifuls with lots of critters thrown in and big colorful glass beads.  At the end of the year, we had a reemergence of the footprint designs that were so highly sought after last year and a small number of Christmas design as well.


The Small and Beautifuls came out in 2013 and proved so desirable that Trollbeads continued with these tiny beads in 2014.  Many of the new S&Bs featured critters that we’ve never seen before including many ocean creatures, frogs, lizards, dragonflies, owls, and random ones that required imagination.  My favorites were the frogs and they were rather hard to come by, but most were abundant and available for a big part of the year, so for those that wanted them they should have been able to find them.


My other favorite beads this year were the big colorful uniques that first appeared in the UK.  These were characterized by their bright and eclectic patterns.  Some had a lot of texture with flowers, bumps, and ridges decorating the surface of the glass.  They weren’t especially bountiful and there were definitely patterns that were more popular than others.  While these didn’t appeal to me at first, they grew on me and I ended up with an entire bracelet full of them.


In addition to the limited edition Christmas kits for this season, Trollbeads also came out with a number of Christmas uniques as well.  These included snowflakes, stars, poinsettia, garland, and more abstract designs too.  I couldn’t resist and purchased a few of the more festive patterns for use with my holiday bracelets this year.  These uniques were short lived which makes sense since they’re only fitting for Christmas.


Lastly, I was so excited to see more footprint beads being produced this month and I snapped up a few more that I couldn’t acquire from 2013.  One of the most popular colors was the white footprint on black and I was lucky enough to find one.  The teal footprint was also high on my wish list and I was ecstatic to get it.  I also bought the baby blue footprint for the birth of my son which brings a whole new meaning to these designs for me.  There was also a clear footprint on a sandy background that came out with the S&Bs this last quarter.

Compared to 2013, 2014 didn’t seem like there were as many distinct unique collections but there was still plenty of variety and beads to hunt!  I was particularly exhausted from chasing the critters for a number of months but I’m happy to say that I was able to find all the ones I wanted.  What was your favorite unique from this year?  What are you still wishing to get?