Trollbeads 2014 Heart Uniques

trollbeads-hearts-unique-2014-collection-coverIn anticipation of Valentine’s Day, Trollbeads released a number of new heart patterned uniques for this year.  I first discussed the heart uniques last year as part of my Popular Uniques Series.  I was hoping to collect all the designs that caught my fancy before the lovers’ holiday but having just nabbed the last one that I wanted, I thought it was better late than never to share.  The key features of this year’s heart uniques are the use of glitter, mainly in gold, green, and blue.  Being that I am a fiend for anything green, I concentrated my hunt for these special green glitter hearts; most of these are paired with red as well so it gives a very Christmas-y feel.


I’m usually not a fan of hearts, but the designs are so pretty I couldn’t resist (the glitter doesn’t hurt either!).  My absolute favorites from this set are the alternating green and gold glitter hearts, which I got in a couple different patterns.  The best ones are always highly sought after, so I had to pay a little more for the really special beads.  I found that this first release of uniques for the year is quite cohesive and hard for me not to try and collect them all.  I did a fair job of getting as many as appealed to me though ;).

As of this post, these designs are still plentiful and relatively easy to find.  These heart motif beads are much more exciting than last year’s selection and I’m happy to see Trollbeads experimenting with colored glitter. These are all small cored which means that they only fit on Trollbeads or threadless bracelets; I haven’t seen these designs no the Universal Uniques (large diameter core beads). I bought enough of the new heart patterned beads to fill up an entire bracelet! Did you indulge in any of these holiday specials?


Bead index (starting from left, Trollbeads unless otherwise specified): catching hearts lock, WT UK love spoons, unique green hearts and flowers, unique red glitter clover hearts, unique green glitter hearts, Chamilia I love you, unique green and gold glitter hearts, unique red hearts and ferns, unique red hearts, christmas heart, unique green glitter clover hearts, unique green hearts, unique green glitter hearts, Chamilia true love, unique green and red ribbon hearts, unique red hearts, unique red hearts and flowers, Chamilia two turtle doves, unique green and gold glitter hearts, unique green glitter hearts, unique red hearts and ferns.

  • carol

    Where did you find these?

    • Leann

      Forgot to mention that, I got them mostly on Trollbead Boutique Facebook bead parties (, a couple from Hartwell House in Ohio, and some from overseas :).

      • Faye

        I really stink at Trollbead Boutique facebook bead parties. They frustrate the heck out of me. How do you manage? LOL

      • Leann

        Well, I’m certainly not the quickest one! I swear I don’t know how some of these ladies are so fast.

  • CarolinaWings

    These are so appealing, each one a tiny work of art. Absolutely a lovely collection and bracelet. So nice to know they are still available too.

    • Leann

      Thanks Carolina! That’s the reason I love Trollbeads glass beads so much. The designs are so masterful and they’ve always got new uniques coming out (for better or worse), that it keeps the line fresh :).

  • Faye

    Gorgeous, Leann!!!! What a stunner. I love that you used green as the anchor color – so original. Well done. I’m jealous of all those valentine uniques I will now have to covet on my wishlist!

    • Leann

      Thanks, Faye! It was quite strange why these appealed to me so much given that I don’t like hearts, lol. 🙂

  • Shauna Cz

    So lovely Leann!! I love the vintage look of the green,red and white. You make fabulous bracelets, thanks for sharing

    • Leann

      Thanks, Shauna :D. The uniques are always so much fun.