Thyme of the Season – PLaYfuL PLaYsTicKs and a Thanksgiving Giveaway!

playful-playsticks1One of the best things about modular charm jewelry is the ability to compose and change the bracelet design – they’re like legos for women!  The only frustrating part is that with Pandora bracelets, it can be such a hassle with these multi-threaded bracelets.  By the time you get every bead onto the bracelet and realize that the design doesn’t look good, you have to unscrew everything again and so on.  My dear friend, Andrea Turnbull is a wood carver and artist by trade and a fellow Pandora addict as well.  Earlier in the year she started creating these wonderful charm playsticks similar to the rods at the store but way cuter!  All the playstick handles are carved and painted by hand.

PLaYfuL PLaYsTicKs come in a number of designs including the popular “O” crown, hearts (both plain and inscribed), flowers, and new for the holidays are Mr. Snowman and Santa.  The hand carved wood handles are attached to 8″ rods and they’re made in her renowned studio Thyme of the Season. They’re super functional and are gorgeous to photograph your charms on.  I love the two playsticks I got including a red flower and Andrea even painted one especially for me with the CA crown!

I’m so excited to be sharing these on the blog and also offering three playsticks as a part of our Thanksgiving Giveaway courtesy of PLaYfuL PLaYsTicKs. The pink heart playstick, heart inscribed with “Playful”, and pink crown will be the prizes and to enter, you just have to “like” Charms Addict on Facebook or PLaYfuL PLaYsTicKs on Facebook through the buttons below in the Rafflecopter widget.  All countries are eligible and please take a look at the giveaway rules before entering.  The deadline is November 28th at 12:01 am EST and winners will be announced Thanksgiving morning!

If you can’t wait until then, Andrea also has a number of these for sale on her Facebook page PLaYfuL PLaYsTicKs for $30-35 depending on the design.  These are truly wonderful and great as stocking stuffers for Christmas.  Good luck, everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Pattie Hall

    not sure I understand the rule, but I hope I win

    • Leann

      You just have to click the buttons in the Rafflecopter window. Good luck!

  • Lisa

    These are so cute! I’ve been using a large hoop earring.

    • Leann

      They are really cute :D. Wow, an earring? How many beads does that hold?

      • Lisa

        It holds more than a bracelet can. I just found a very large ( i can put it on over my hand while it’s closed) thin hoop and it works well. You can really see how it will look when you wear it. : )

      • Susana

        I used to do the same, but I’m thinking of doing something like the Stackers rod for one of my tiny drawers. It’ll not only let me organize, but also be able to store it like that. Problem with the Stackers one is that it’s too short

  • Jeanne Pursell

    These are really cute! Believe or not Leann, I have actually been using bamboo skewers!! Your friend has a great idea!! She should pitch the idea to the “Sharks”!

    • Leann

      Hahaha, that show is intimidating! Bamboo skewers are a good idea too ;).