Thomas Sabo Summer 2015 Preview

thomas-sabo-summer-2015-coverJust this week Thomas Sabo released a new set of Karma Beads for this season! It has launched in the UK but their websites for other markets are still not updated.  This is a complete preview of the charms and although it’s a bit odd for the middle of the year.  I’ve divided it into two themes – Love/Family and Nature.

I love the new family ones and they are very endearing, especially the pacifier and baby footprints.  I’m less sure about the Lovers charm with the couple kissing (I guess since PDAs make me uncomfortable, lol).  I grouped the animals together with the other nature and decorative beads, and I really want the green enamel frog.  While I like these designs, I find the timing is not quite right as it seems to feel more like an early spring collection than mid-summer release.

Karma Beads is a unique concept and their charms are meant for use with only their bracelets.  However, the beads will fit on Pandora Essence bracelet but the Karma Beads bracelet is too thick for the Essence beads.  For a more in-depth review of the two styles, check out Pandora Essence vs. Thomas Sabo Karma Beads.  What are your thoughts on this collection?

  • Collette Douglas

    What’s the best way to start a thomas sabo collection? I want a pile of their beautiful charms..what’s the most affordable way to start? Basic bracelet?

    • Michele

      Thomas Sabo has promotion from 18th Sept to 4th Oct, spend Can $125 get a free Karma bracelet. The stone bead is $25.5 each, I am going to check in the concept store in Toronto. This is the first time they have this promotion, check it out from their company site.

  • Michele

    I finally went into a new grand opening Thomas Sabo to get the FREE bracelet with 4 beads purchase, Amethyst, Heliotrope, Dumortierite, Hematin & 2 stoppers total $134 + tax. They have the spend $125 to get the FREEZE karma bracelet until 4th Oct in North America. We are very lucky to have 6 concept stores in Toronto to see the product in person.

  • Michele

    Pandora Moment bead ( threaded, unthreaded, clips ) can all go on Karma bracelet. I am so happy can put my Pandora moment bead on especially those paved one, Thomas Sabo paved one is very very expensive Can $129 up. Manager told me their beads are made in Germany that is why expensive. Oh! Their stone bead is very reasonable price 25.50 or 38.5 each. I always want a semi precious stone bead bracelet, a trollbead is out of my budget. Now, I am happy to start my 1st Karma semi precious bracelet. I don’t have Essence bracelet because I don’t like the bead is small and some of their bead is synthetic and can not put on my Pandora moment bead. I like Pandora Moment and Thomas Sabo, no wonder they are both very popular in Hong Kong.