Thomas Sabo Karma Sabo Spring 2016 Preview

thomas-sabo-karma-beads-spring-2016-cover1It seems that spring is coming earlier and earlier to many brands and today we’ve got a preview of the Thomas Sabo Karma Beads Spring 2016 Collection!  It’s a smaller set than a typical main release so I’m guessing we will see more offerings for the summer.  Rather than seasonal designs, it seems more like extensions of their previous collections.

The Karma Beads Collection has appealed to me since it was first introduced whereas I hadn’t been a big fan of Thomas Sabo’s traditional charm jewelry aesthetic.  The Karma Beads have smaller cores and are not compatible with snake chains but can fit on Pandora Essence bracelet.  For a comparison of the Pandora Essence and the Karma Beads Collection, click through the link.  Are you a fan of this concept?

  • Michele

    I love Karma since last Sept promotion with spend Can $125 to get free Karma bracelet. I got 2 bracelets free. I especially like the semi precious stone very reasonable price. I have 2 Rose Quartz, 2 White Jade, 2 silver openwork Heart and the Silver Clover Rose Quartz as a center piece then 2 chubby size stopper on one bracelet, very beautiful. I become a concept store VIP member 10% discount. I just got two 18k rose gold plated Oriental style openwork 40% off, one Grey Mother of Pearl & jewelry box 10% off to keep my collection. I saw the new release in the concept store, I like the Rose Quartz and Lotus. I will keep karma strictly as my real stone bracelet, a touch of cz is ok like the white Lotus. I have eyes on Aquarmarine, Rose Quartz And White Jade Lotus in their Luxury Jewelry Line. Thomas Sabo won’t bring this to Toronto.

  • imogenPH

    Wow, I really like that one, the 3rd to the left, which looks similar to Pandora Essence Balance bead, and that last one – I was thinking the design was a bit Balinese. I checked the Thomas Sabo site just now and it turns out it’s a gorilla head, hee! Anyway, can you post price info on these beads? I’m not sure I’m seeing the prices correctly on my browser… are are some the beads there really that expensive??? (Seeing many zeroes, haha.)

    • Michele

      The one you like is U.S. $79. You can check Thomas Sabo U.S. or Germany site. Toronto has 5 concepts store for fun, only carry Karma regular line. Flagship shop in some country carry the Exclusive Fine jewelry line, the most expensive White Diamond bead is U.S. $3000. I like Pandora Moment line and Thomas Sabo Karma line. Thomas Sabo Fine Jewelry line is very beautiful, I would like to see it in person when I visit Hong Kong next time. There is still some bead under U.S. 150, I would like save $ for it to build my special real stone Karma bracelet.

    • Nereida Ammari

      The Gorilla head is NOT $79, it is Euro 159 with VAT which translates to approx $140 US without VAT. Their heavily CZ pieces are incredibly expensive.

    • Michele

      The 3rd to the left is called Hand Fatima rose, GBP £70, U.S. $100. Not U.S. $79. I just got 2 rose gold bead & 1 pair of pearl earrings 40% off! sales until this Sunday.

    • Michele

      On their international site , Fatima Hand rose is U.S, $79.

  • Michele

    Thomas Sabo has buy 2 Karma bead get 1 equal or less bead until 30th March. I got 2 Rose quartz Heart and 1 silver Infinity free.