Thomas Sabo Karma Beads Valentine’s Day 2015 Special

thomas-sabo-valentines-day-2015-set-packagingThomas Sabo Karma Beads is offering another special bracelet for this Valentine’s Day! The promotion includes a Karma bracelet and a limited edition rose quartz heart bead.  Unfortunately, the charm is not available separately and its soft color is perfect for this holiday.  The starter sets are great for anyone looking to indulge in this brand especially at an introductory price of $76 for this bundle.

thomas-sabo-valentines-day-2015-set1I’ve been a huge fan of this concept since it was launched last year and I’m especially excited for their Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.  It’s similar to Pandora’s Essence line for those looking for an alternative or something comparable.  I posted a comparison video for Pandora Essence vs. Thomas Sabo Karma Beads if you’re curious about the differences and similarities.  Are you tempted by Karma Beads?

  • June Simpson

    I LOVE Thomas Sabo!!

    I think their Karma Beads are so much better than Pandora’s Essence.

  • Bonnie Schulmeyer

    I like the heart bead, but I already have a bracelet with a few beads. I wish they would sell it separately. Another thing that has annoyed me with this brand is that they had a sale recently but the Karma beads marked on sale were all out of stock so you could not buy them :(. What a shame because I like the beads.

  • Vanessaqq

    After constantly being seduced and debating myself, I finally placed the order for this one. Thomas Sabo is really pricey, but it has some very nice beads~

  • Paula Low

    I bought my Karma bracelet last weekend along with six other beads and two stoppers.I love love love it and wore it every day . The salesperson in the Toronto Canada store that I shopped at wasn’t aware of the promotion and had to phone someone to find the Valentine bracelets and charms. The rest of the new collection has not arrived yet so I will need to check back. Gotta get that rose gold heart…along with a few others 🙂 Just when I had convinced myself that I didn’t need any more bracelets.Who was I kidding?

  • Donna Lobel

    Leann, which size to order? Same as Essence or Pandora clasp bracelet?

    • Leann

      Depends on how many beads you want to wear on it – if just a few then Essence, if a full bracelet then the regular bracelet.

  • It’s me

    I’m soooo tempted! I really liked how it looked in your comparison video with stationary essence beads. For that look I wouldn’t need this bracelet… but that heart is so pretty!

  • Bonnie May

    Oooh! I’ve been tempted by Karma, but wasn’t willing to make the jump to another brand. Between the limited edition heart & the starter set deal… 😉

  • Abigail Free

    How would you compare the size of the Thomas Sabo box chain bracelet and the Chamilia box chain bracelet? Is it thinner? I already have the Chamilia one so I am trying to avoid having another bracelet the same width.

    • Leann

      It’s thinner and not compatible with Chamilia :(.

  • Tracy

    This was the bead that finally made me buy a TS bracelet… just love the rose quartz as a heart 🙂 It’s on it’s way to me, hope i like it. And, thank you thank you for your comparison video with Essence. I have two of the TS pearls that I now wear with my Essence bracelet, they look beautiful and work so well. Trollbeads pearls work too with Essence, btw.

    • Tracy

      Here is the bracelet I made with the TS heart on my Essence bracelet… love the heart

      • Paula Low

        Very nice! You are inspiring me to get another one so I can put the heart on an Essence bracelet. Love the grey beads with the pink heart.

      • Carol

        Beautiful bracelet Tracy! The rose quartz heart is really stunning!

      • Leann

        It’s lovely!! I’m glad you’re combining them :).