Thomas Sabo Karma Beads Summer 2016 Collection

thomas-sabo-karma-beads-spring-2016-coverThomas Sabo just debuted their Summer 2016 Collection for the Karma Beads line.  They have been coming out with smaller sets recently but more frequently.  The theme is definitely flora and fauna for this release which is perfect for the season.

There are a mix of materials in the collection and it’s interesting to see the brand experiment with enamel beads.  Usually they’ve stuck to metal and stones, but the enamel will definitely give the bracelet a pop of color.  I’m very taken with all the cute animals especially the ones with the gemstone accents like the Frog and Turtle.

Thomas Sabo Karma Beads can be used with the Pandora Essence bracelet, and their own bracelets of course.  Are you interested in this new collection?

  • Michele

    Piglet with a rose quartz, Snail with a white Jade actually. We went into concept store on 25 th March, SA just opened box of Summer collection. It was still buy 2 get 1 fee promotion period, we are VIP customer with extra 10% off. My friend got Piget, Turtle Can $260 tax in with free Frog.

  • Nereida Ammari

    I will get a few of these. Like the rabbit, frog, piglet, chick, turtle and snail. Not sure if they will work together. Wish our Sabo store hadn’t closed down.

    • Michele

      I got 2 silver Infinity and 1 free Rose Quartz Heart. 1 LE 2014 Mother’s Day openwork rose gold Heart in March. Big spend for Pandora bracelet promotion, two tone and Disney bracelet free. Got good deal from Pandora outlet, two tone Teapot, 2 Lazy Daisy clips, Bow Purse, Love bouquet, 14k Brown Mystic murano FREE.

  • Julie

    I’ll pass on this new collection. I like the natural stone & engraved beads. I’m new to the bracelet/bead/charm world. I am hooked! Thx to Leann’s Charms Addict blog I discovered Thomas Sabo and I purchased my first Thomas Sabo karma bracelet,white jade & GOA bead, 2 stoppers. I plan on looking into the Pandora essence collection next. Thx Leann for your informative and insightful blog. Oh, this is what I have so far: Pandora leather bracelet w/5 charms and Thomas Sabo karma.

    • Michele

      Me too, I like Thomas Sabo semi precious stone & clear silver & 18k rose gold bead. I don’t like any cz or animal bead. My friend likes stone & cute animal bead.

      • Julie

        Agree. Same here. No animals or CZ pave designs for me. I really love the TS karma bracelet. It’s very comfortable to wear.

      • Michele

        I have a Karma jewelry box to keep karma beads. I become concept store VIP get 10% discount for regular and discounted and promotion item.

  • Keerthika Srikamalan

    I just finished my first Thomas Sabo karma bracelet and I’m honestly obsessed!! Love your blog, keep posting about Thomas Sabo