The Hobbit Beads by Schumann Design

Today is the theatrical release of the much anticipated second part of The Hobbit Trilogy series, The Desolation of Smaug.  When I first heard that Hollywood would be turning a 300-page book into three separate movies, I was skeptical.  But Peter Jackson’s amazing storytelling abilities really shines through and the result was a visually stunning masterpiece.  To celebrate this movie premiere, I thought to showcase a line of beads made especially for first Hobbit movie that really appealed to my collector’s sensibilities and I’ve been coveting for the past year.  The Hobbit beads by Schumann Design are sold almost exclusively in Germany and has become harder to find since their launch; each charm is named for one of the dwarves in The Hobbit which makes for 13 beads in this collection.
JRR Tolkien based the names of his Middle-Earth Dwarves off the Dvergatal or “Catalogue of the Dwarves”, found in the Poetic Edda, a collection of Old Norse poems.  Like the origin of the characters, the inspiration for this collection is predominantly Norse and resembles runes.  The geometric patterns are relatively unisex and works well for men or women.  It’s hard for me to distinguish the difference between the beads since the designs are so similar.  My favorite is perhaps Bombur because it is noticeably different than the other ones although Thorin would take top billing as the lead character.  I’m not quite sure why these speak to me so much, but I love movie replicas (I’ve got 6 Harry Potter wands!) and this also combines my love of charms.

I actually found the whole set on for around €20-25EUR each (which excludes VAT) and couldn’t resist getting the entire collection!  I have a hard time not acquiring everything in a set and this was no exception.  I was surprised by how small the beads are compared to the stock photos but the craftsmanship is evident.  These are large cored and will fit on all bracelet types.  Just a couple of these would look great on a bracelet, especially if you want to compose a Lord of the Rings or Hobbit theme.  I have my husband to thank for this wonderful idea of putting the Naughty Dragon as Smaug in a mound of treasure.  I decided to add the ambers with the dwarf beads, both for the earthiness of the material and to represent the gold in the mountain.  Do you have a favorite dwarf?


Bead index (starting from left): TB freja lock, TB naughty dragon, kili, fili, unique carved amber, bifur, balin, unique amber, bofur, bombur, unique amber, thorin, unique amber, ori, oin, unique carved amber, gloin, dori, unique faceted amber, dwalin, nori.

  • Melinda Deyhle

    ooo i love these. i might have to get a few, i love the hobbit!

    • Leann

      They are really cool! I’m glad I finally got them too, I’ve been wanting them for a while now :).

  • k8venger

    Do you mind my asking what sort of shipping you used to order the beads on I’ve been trying to get hold of Fili and Thorin’s beads and wasn’t able to ship to the US via or, and I’ve had awful luck trying to find them anywhere else…

  • Leann

    I got the regular shipping, I think it was $15 for the whole order? It was tracked though which was nice. Good luck!