The countdown begins…

Today, Pandora has officially began to unveil the Floral Nostalgia Spring/Summer 2012 collection, and starting this off they have introduced the camera charm (in a much higher resolution photo than before)!  This looks like a DSLR or old school SLR camera and can be a great symbol for photography enthusiasts or to remember a wonderful vacation.  I thought that this would be perfect to add to the existing airplane charm and suitcase charm for a travel themed bracelet.

Camera charm


In honor of this unveil, I thought I would share some closeups I found online the other night (thank you, Stephany Florian!). These are great individual shots and some have never been seen before, like the gold open works charms.

Currently, only the newest store in München, Germany has the collection of new charms, but it is expected to be in distribution around the end of February to March (depending on your country).  Hopefully, in time for the UK’s Mothering Sunday (3/18/12) given that the highly anticipated mother/daughter charm is taking center stage in this collection.