Swarovski Stardust Bracelets Spring 2015

swarovski-stardust-spring-2015-collectionOne of my favorite new accessories is the Swarovski Stardust Collection.  I first previewed them during Christmas and I have been hooked on stacking them with my other charm bracelets!  They’re made of nylon mesh casing which houses hundreds of dazzling Swarovski crystals and closes with a magnetic clasp.  They’re easy to use and comfortable too which is important when wearing multiple bracelets.

Recently, Swarovski released their Spring 2015 Collection which includes a number of new colors for the Stardust bracelets.  There are 6 bracelets in bright colors; gold gradient single wrap, gray double wrap, light blue  double wrap, mauve double wrap, pink double wrap, and red double wrap.  It’s exciting to see more choices available and I especially like the cherry red one.  I can’t wait to check them out in stores!

The Swarovski Stardust bracelets are available at the Swarovski concept stores, authorized retailers, and their official website as well.  Have you seen these in person?  Which color is your favorite?

  • Courtney Williams Tessaro

    I have the new light grey one. It’s gorgeous! Have you seen their slake bracelets? They also came out with new colors for spring.

    • Carol

      Hi Courtney! Yes, I was admiring their slake bracelets/necklaces as well. Very cool. Post a pic if you have one!

  • Carla

    I have that pink double wrap one and love it I wear it to work

  • Laura Summers

    There are also two ombré styles. I bought one for my mother for her birthday at the Swarovski store last month – the black and brown ombré with the rose gold clasp. Beautiful!

    • Laura Summers

      Here’s the ombré/”gradient” with the rose clasp!

  • Carol

    I tried to buy a dark blue one from a nearby concept store during the holidays, but alas, they were sold out of my size. :/ I went to another concept store this past weekend and found one. I was thrilled and I absolutely love it! It stacks so well with other bracelets too. It’s so sparkly and unique. It’s like a party on your wrist! Lol! 😀

  • Carol

    I have the “blues” this winter and I’m ecstatic! My new Swarovski Stardust bracelet, in my favorite shade of cobalt blue, stacks so well with Pandora! 😀

  • Laura Summers

    There are also stardust necklaces now – both a plain one and a knotted one. They come in lots of colors!

    • Carol

      These are gorgeous Laura! I wasn’t aware that they had necklaces too. I especially like the knotted necklace. Very nice! 🙂

  • Mandy

    I love all the colors especially the blues, but unfortunately can’t get any as they are all too small 🙁 . I need a large and they only make them in small and medium.