Story by Kranz & Ziegler Silk Bracelets

story-by-kranz-ziegler-spring-summer-2014-green-silk-bracelet2One of the products I was most excited for this season is the introduction of the silk bracelets from Story by Kranz & Ziegler.  Departing from their usual leather material, for this season the brand released triple wrap silk bracelets in 6 different shades: beige, grey, black, blue, olive, and orange.  The electric colors of these bracelets drew me in right away and I could not resist the beautiful olive one.  This fabric is perfect for the summer, both because of its lightness and luxurious sheen.

I was most interested in seeing how these would wear since silk has a tendency to be a fragile cloth.  I don’t think the material is 100% silk because that would not be practical, so it’s most likely a silk and poly-fiber composite.  I’ve had this bracelet for a couple months and it’s held up really well, although I haven’t been sweating or wearing it heavily.  The olive color is bright and electric for summer so it’s great as an eye catching accessory.  The buttons and charms slide just as easily on and stay in place as well as it does on the leather, which was another concern for me.  I am more careful with it when putting the charms on especially if they’re really tight, but haven’t had any problems with the fabric ripping.

I absolutely adore Story’s mix of glam and rock aesthetic, and I’ve been so happy with my collection of their bracelets and beads.  Their line of charms are not compatible with European style charm bracelets and vice versa, and the silk bracelets are $89 each.  Check out our new featured retailer for Story by Kranz & Ziegler – Smaxx & Kade which carry the whole line of Story and provides exceptional customer service.  Are you intrigued by this material?  Which color is your favorite?