Story by Kranz & Ziegler Autumn/Winter 2014 Preview

story-kranz-ziegler-autumn-2014-campaign2We’re now in the midst of fall and today brings a look at the Story by Kranz & Ziegler Autumn/Winter 2014 collection! I actually saw this collection previewed at the JCK trade show this last May, so you can find the live pictures here at Story by Kranz & Ziegler Autumn 2014 Sneak Peek. Unlike other brands, this company does not schedule official launch dates and also tends to release later in the season. I have not seen these pieces in stores yet but hopefully they’ll be available soon.

Starting with the bracelets there are two new colors for their trademark leathers – old rose and yellow in both the lambskin and snakeskin.  There are two beautiful silks in gray and red added to the bright colors which were introduced for the Spring/Summer 2014 Collection.  The gemstones are gorgeous with pink moonstone, 2 tiger eyes, and a matte rounded hematite as the new styles for fall.

Story does a great job adding lovely textures and movement with their buttons and charms.  Unfortunately, they are not named so it’s difficult to describe.  Most of the pieces come in sterling silver, rhodium, and gold plated finish, with a few designs also available in rose gold.  I absolutely adore their tube charms, and there is another one coming out for this season.  Lastly, there are 5 watch fobs in various finishes and backgrounds.

This brand has transitioned to a new distributor in the US over the summer so you may have noticed changes to stores carrying the line.  These pieces looked great at the tradeshow earlier in the year and I’m excited to finally get my hands on them.  What do you think of this season’s offerings?

  • Julia

    You are right about the no name thing, this makes the selection much more difficult to describe unless you have a picture on hand to describe what charm you want.

    • Leann

      Yes, hard to order from the retailer too. But they are so pretty :).