Story by Kranz & Ziegler Tube Charms Review

story-by-kranz-ziegler-autumn-winter13-preview4The Story by Kranz & Ziegler Fall/Winter 2013 Collection was incredibly stunning and none more so than their new tube charms.  Showstopper and Limelight were undoubtedly the highlight of the brand last year!  Ever since first seeing them from the previews, these were my must-haves of the season and I was so excited to finally get my hands on them.  Showstopper is available in gold finish, rhodium plated, and silver colors, while Limelight only comes in gold-plated and silver.


The tube charms are a unique new design from the line and so glamorous, it was difficult to decide which one I liked more!  Originally I was only going to get one, but I found an amazing promotion that the company offered at the end of the year (buy a bracelet and receive a charm half off), and I couldn’t resist so I bought both in silver.  Showstopper is truly incredible, the 1.5 inch long charm has pavé set cubic zirconia all along the front and the finish of the piece is reflected by the crystals.  Limelight features an intricate filigree of metal with cubic zirconia inlaid at geometric points; it is reminiscent of the art deco period.  These tube charms are slightly curved to bend with the leather bracelets.

The Showstopper and Limelight are not recommended for the gemstone bracelets, but I have tried them on all different types of leather bracelets without issue (although some are a tighter fit than others).  These can be worn by themselves for a simple elegant look or build up with more charms and buttons for a rocked out statement piece.  Showstopper retails for $279USD and Limelight is $189USD; this is a high price point, but keep in mind that it is quite large and takes up the entire width of the leather wrapped.  I absolutely adore my tube charms and have not stopped wearing them!  Are you tempted to try these out?


  • Laura Summers

    Wow, so expensive!!!

    • Leann

      It is, but one Pandora pave lights is $65, so it’s more but you get more too :).

  • Pat Adams

    Beautiful bracelet

    • Leann

      Thanks, Pat! 🙂