Story by Kranz & Ziegler Red Snakeskin Leather Review

story-by-kranz-and-ziegler-red-braceletStory by Kranz & Ziegler offers the best leather bracelets on the market, and today’s feature will focus on the line’s snakeskin bracelet specifically in red.  The Story leather bracelets are available in their trademark lambskin leather and the snakeskin material.  The lambskin is buttery soft and I’ve gotten several colors because they’re so comfortable and chic to wear.  This is my first snakeskin bracelet so I was excited to try this out and see if there was a different feel to these.

The red snakeskin is absolutely stunning in person, the color is deep and rich with a tinge of purple undertone.  The berry shade is complemented by the metallic-y scales that shimmer in the light.  It also pairs well with the red lambskin leather (one of my favorites!) and the coral bracelets seen above.  I love matching gold with red as they bring out the luxuriousness of both materials.

Most of the pieces are available in all three finishes, so you can choose the combination based on the color of the leather.  The Story gold-plated charms are relatively similar in price as the oxidized and silver charms.  For this year’s Fall/Winter season, the brand released a number of geometric charms (unfortunately they’re not named so I’ll just leave it at that) and these have pavé CZ detailing which adds another level of sophistication.  Like all of the charms and buttons, they stay tightly on the bracelet and won’t move around which is one of the advantages to this line.

I’ve found that the snakeskin is noticeably stiffer than the lambskin but not uncomfortable on, it will just take some time to wear in.  It is an absolute must if you’re into the rocker glam look though.  The Story bracelets are usually triple wrapped and listed as full length, so to order your size just divide by 3 to get your normal bracelet circumference.  I generally wear a 7.5″ chain without Muranos so the 22.5″ Story bracelet fits pretty well.  The snakeskin leather is slightly more expensive at $149, but that accounts for the fancier material.  These look great on their own or stacked with other bracelets as well!  Have you had your eye on the Story snakeskin leather?  How do you think it compares to the lambskin bracelet?



I also want to mention a special introductory offer that some stores are running and the first one I’ve seen from Story: buy a bracelet and get one charm half off.  I definitely took advantage of this great deal and bought a couple bracelets to get the Limelight and Showstopper tube charms.  To find your nearest retailer, check out the store locator on the Lovelinks website.  I ordered on the phone with Smaxx & Kade (414-377-8202) and received wonderful service – free shipping and no tax too which can’t be beat!

  • Mel

    Hello there. This is not directly connected to the snakeskin bracelet but do you have any idea if the raven skull charms are available in the UK? I have been reading your blog with interest for a while but this is the first time I’ve said ‘Hi!’

    • Leann

      Hi Mel, thanks for saying hi! I always love hearing from readers :). This collection has been slow to get to stores, all the online shops haven’t received the new fall/winter 2013 collection but the main UK Story website does have them up (although not for sale). Here’s a list of retailers, maybe you can call your local stores and see if they’ve got them in?

      I just got the black rhodium plated Raven and it’s awesome! I’ll be featuring it on the blog soon. Good luck!

    • Mel

      Thanks for your reply! I have a feeling they haven’t reached the UK yet as can’t find them on-line anywhere 🙁

  • Donna Lobel

    Hi Leann…I ordered from Smaxx and Kade as well. Certainly couldn’t miss out on this fantastic promotion. ( got the new blue lambskin and a show stopper!)

    • Leann

      That’s perfect! You and I will be bracelet twins ;). Don’t you just LOVE the tube charms? They’re so glamorous!

  • smaxxandkade

    Leann and Donna, thank you so much for your business. Story has been a fantastic addition to our store. The beauty and quality of this line is like none other… the photos do not do it justice. We welcome any and all telephone orders and would love for you to visit us if you are in the Milwaukee, WI area. ~Katie, Kathy, Renee & Crista at Smaxx & Kade

    • Leann

      Thanks for the great service! Got my bracelets last week and they’re perfect. 😀

  • Stine


    I’m a huge fan of STORY and really love my lambskin bracelets.
    And I really want a snakeskin bracelet – but I’m a little hesitant.. Because of the snakeskin. Do you know if it’s REAL snakeskin? Because I have an issue with eel-skin.. So I’m thinking this is kind of similar?