Story by Kranz & Ziegler Red Leather Review

story-by-kranz-and-ziegler-red-leather-coverWhile I was traveling on the Pandora cruise, a number of my readers on board were curious about Story by Kranz & Ziegler. In particular, my friend Donna was on a mission to find a Story retailer so that she could try the bracelets out. There are actually a surprising number of dealers for Story on the islands so she had no problem finding one on St. Thomas, our first major port stop. She bought a beautiful camel leather and the teal 6-strand leather bracelets; her sister, Suzanne also fell to the Story craze and purchased a couple charms and a black leather bracelet.

Ironically, after getting them interested in purchasing Story, I was the one that was incredibly tempted by their gorgeous new bracelets so on the next island, St. Maarten, I couldn’t resist and bought a new Story bracelet for myself. I’ve wanted to try their snakeskin leathers but after testing it out for a few minutes, I determined that it was not as flexible so I ended up getting another lambskin leather bracelet but this time in red. I have had my black lambskin leather for almost half a year now and it’s probably the best leather bracelet I’ve tried so far. The material is incredibly supple and durable; I usually have to take off my bracelets to type, especially on my laptop, but I have no problems with these bracelets.

I decided to go with gold-plated charms this time because they pair so luxuriously with the vibrant crimson shade, and it also makes it look quite Oriental especially with the charms I choose. I talked them into letting me switch the color of the leather for the starter set so I was able to get the swirls charm (only available in this bundle) with my purchase. In addition, I picked out the lace work button released last winter and I’m so pleased with this combination. What’s interesting is that these charms do not fit as tightly as the ones on my black lambskin bracelet; not that they don’t still stay in place, but it wasn’t a struggle to get them onto the bracelet which I appreciated. I’ll probably pick out just a couple more charms and this leather will be complete.

Our little group ended up with 8 Story bracelets between the 5 of us and we were all congratulating ourselves on our terrific finds. This is definitely one brand that I’d love to get more into but stores carrying the brand are a bit scarce in the area (find your local dealer through Story Retailer Locator). They’re well-worth checking out though; for information about the sizes and types of bracelets available, refer to Story Beginner’s Guide. Have you had an opportunity to experience these bracelets for yourself?

  • Kym

    UT oh I feel another charm bracelet addiction starting. I meant to come speak to you while on the cruise to let you know that it was your blog and yt vids that started me on Pandora. I had questions and you were able to answer them all through the blog and video.


  • Ashley

    I really like all the vibrant colors that is new out for this line but I can’t help every time I look at pics of the bracelets they remind me of those thick pony tail holders from like the 80’s! 🙂 I’ve never bought anything from this line, YET. 🙂

    What is the beaded looking bracelet on top of the snake skin, is that Story also? That beaded texture would be fun and different to put charms on….

    • Leann

      Haha! They are so comfortable to wear ;). The leather is incredibly supple and I love how the charms actually stay in place! Yes, Story has a nice collection of gemstone multi-stranded bracelets as well. I believe the red one is coral. They stack so well together ;).

  • Debbie

    Nice choice Leann, the red and gold look spectacular together 🙂

    • Leann

      Thanks, Debbie! They do look quite luxe together ;).

  • Linda

    LeAnn, your red and gold is richly saturated and gorgeous. Can you tell us what size you bought, please? (Comparable to, say, a Trollbeads 7.5?) I’m trying to figure this out to order online, and unsure about size. Thank you!

    • Leann

      Hi Linda, I got the 57 cm bracelet, which equals to be about the 7.5″ bracelet. It fits snugly but not uncomfortably so. 🙂