Stoppers and Silicone O-rings


Courtesy of Jenny Yeung

I’ve been told by Pandora that the rubber Pandora stoppers that fit underneath the clips are being mass produced and should be available in your nearest Concept store soon.  I’ve seen ladies in various countries who have been able to get these, but none yet in the US.  Keep your eye out!

Pandora bracelets come with two smaller threads where you would place the clips to hold the charms in 3 separate segments. But for those of us who don’t fill a bracelet all at once, having the charms slide around is a bit annoying at times. Same applies for the leather bracelets which have no threading and nothing to stop the charms from sliding around. I’ve found this to be a common problem among Pandora bracelet and necklace owners. For Pandora customers, we’ve had to resort to clever ingenuity to come up with a solution – silicone O-rings! Silicone O-rings are basically small rubber bands that are used for a variety of reasons including shocks, absorbing vibration, and apparently keeping charms in place! The size is about 1/4 in. by 1/4 in. and these can be found at hardware stores, on eBay or; usually the clear or black ones work the best. They fit very snuggly on the bracelet and if you don’t want anyone to notice them, you can just put a clip over the O-rings (they fit perfectly) and no one can tell! Everything stays in place and becomes much more orderly.

I received several in the mail from Candy Dy-Liacco who was kind enough to send me some. For me, I’ve put these on my necklace. For some reason with the barrel clasp necklaces the threads are near the clasp and not towards the middle; whereas with the lobster clasp snake chain necklace, the threads are towards the middle. This made the functionality of the clips nonexistent once I had more than a couple charms on the necklace and wanted something other than the clasp to be the centerpiece. So these O-rings solved the problem!

While some other European charm lines (e.g. Kay’s Charmed Memories) have rubber stopper beads, it was thought that Pandora had no similar product. Well, I recently discovered that Pandora does have something to stop the beads from sliding around! They are rubber stoppers which you can lock on the bracelet with a clip. Unfortunately, it seems that these little stoppers (which are complimentary) have only been found in Asian markets – including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. My theory is that these are a type of promo item, which was created or distributed by Pandora Asia. Oh well, these would be nice to get but I think I can live with the O-rings for now :).

  • Tiffany

    I never knew what o-rings were used for. Alot of the ladies in the Pandora pages always talk about putting o-rings on their. Now I can wear my leather bracelets! I have to try o-rings on my Pandora silver bracelets and necklaces!

    • Leann

      I’m glad this post was useful, Tiffany! They are such a simple solution :).

  • Lauren

    I’m a bit confused about how exactly these are used. Are they like spacers but just made from rubber? Or can the beads (regular beads, not clips) go over the orings? Thanks 🙂

    • Lisa

      Hi Lauren,

      The O-rings slip on to the bracelet itself, and will prevent any charms from sliding over them. You can leave them there as is, or place a clip over them to hide them if you prefer — they are small enough so that they can fit inside the clips where the threads would usually go. They are great for pieces that do not have threading spots (like the leather bracelets) or that have awkwardly placed threads (like the barrel clasp necklace, where the clips are on the “back” of the piece).

  • Lauren

    Thanks so much, Lisa. So to make sure I understand correctly, you can fit a regular charm over the o-ring to hide it, but rather must use a clip. What about spacer charms, do you know if the spacer charm would fit over the o-ring?

  • Ellen

    I cannot believe I never thought to put the clips OVER the o rings.. Jeeish… I don’t mind the black on the black leather, but I don’t like the clear on the pink.. DING DONG! I also got mine from Candy.. It seems that the clear ones are much easier to work with then the black ones…

    • Leann

      They are wonderful! I’m going to start using them on my bracelets too; I really want safety chains but already have all the ones available now.

  • Lauren

    Has anyone ever used orthodontic rubber bands or those tiny little hairbands (used for braids), and if so, would they fit underneath a charm? Thanks!

    • Leann

      Don’t use rubber as that could damage the silver – rubber will make silver tarnish faster. 🙂

  • Penelope Ridgers

    My son bought me a bracelet for my birthday but after putting my 3 charms on I have found it already a bit tight – as ive worn it for 2 days will I be able to change it or can I buy an extension piece as I would love more charms?

    • Leann

      Hi Penelope, congrats on getting your Pandora bracelet! What a good son :). There is no extension piece so I would exchange the bracelet as soon as possible. Most stores have at least a 30 day return policy (but check with the store). Depending on how tight you like to wear your bracelet, I’d recommend at least being able to stick 3 fingers between your empty bracelet and your wrist. Hope that helps!

  • Becky

    what size are these in mm?

  • Charlotte

    I only have 6 charms. Should I place them in the center of the bracelet or 2 in each section separated with clips?

    • Leann

      It’s really up to you and what you prefer. A lot of people do that :).

  • Sharene

    Hi Leann, Don’t know if you will see this since it is from so long ago. I’m confused here, Below you wrote: “Don’t use rubber as that could damage the silver – rubber will make silver tarnish faster. :)” in answer to “Lauren”;

    HOWEVER, you state in the blog above you say: “Pandora does have something to stop the beads from sliding around! They are rubber stoppers which you can lock on the bracelet with a clip. ”

    So do we use rubber or not? Why can we use Pandora’s rubber and the rubber O’rings (which I can’t find), (and what size O-Rings?) yet you said below “not to use rubber”.

    Help me, I’m confused 🙂 Thanks 🙂