Sad news about Perlen

Perlen shared some very sad news on their Facebook page yesterday, announcing that Pandora has chosen to discontinue their relationship with them over some small mistakes that Perlen had made with them sometime ago.  They will no longer be getting new shipments of Pandora products, so once their current stock sells out they will not be carrying them.  They will keep fulfilling orders on items they have in stock so you’re safe to keep shopping.

I was devastated when I heard this – I would not have anywhere near the collection I have today without Perlen’s amazing prices.  I have always supported my local Pandora retailers and concept stores, but I greatly appreciated the fantastic customer service that Perlen offered.  They were also the only place to get some rare and hard-to-find charms unavailable in the US otherwise, like the 2012 Dansmark Indsamling charity charm and the 2012 Union Jack Medal dangle.  Perlen has noted that they will have to layoff some of their staff that they had hired on to help with the packing and shipping as a result of Pandora’s decision.  This is terrible timing to have this happen during the Christmas season; my thoughts are with them during this difficult time :(.

Regardless of what has happened with Pandora, Perlen is still one of the best places to shop internationally for other wonderful charm brands like Trollbeads and *redbalifrog*.  If you’re only familiar with Pandora and haven’t yet taken the plunge into the wonderful worlds of these other brands, I encourage you to take a look at some of my previous posts about the *redbalifrog* Christmas 2012 collection or the Trollbeads 2012 Autumn release.  Perlen also carries other charm bracelet brands that I hope to explore soon, such as Munio, a leather and sustainable wood beads company and Spinning Jewelry, which has some awesome leather bracelet bands that would look great with Trollbeads or Pandora charms.  I know they’re always on the lookout for other jewelry brands that their customers are interested in so if there’s a brand you like, send them an email to see if they’ll carry them.

I will continue to support Perlen because they’ve helped me become the collector that I am today and for that I’m deeply grateful.  Thank you, Tina and Nadia.

  • Michelle

    I only heard of Perlen from reading your blog and was really looking forward to purchasing some Pandora beads for my collection throughout the year .However, over the past few weeks of being here. I was soon consumed with figuring out what Trollbeads and Redbalifrog beads I now MUST have too! 🙂
    I guess I’ll be making sure I now order the other brands from them and start these collections sooner than later as I really do like supporting smaller independent businesses vs. the bigger chain retailers whenever possible.

    Maybe everyone will show there support and have any holiday bead / jewelry purchases purchased thru them!

  • AhCapp

    Hi Leann,

    About a month ago, I came across your blog by pure accident. From your blog, I was introduced to the wonderful world of Pandora over at Perlen. 🙂 You cannot imagine my joy joy when you confirmed Perlen is the authorized dealer of Pandora who gives fantastic low and affordable prices. And they offer free worldwide ship! This was simply incredible to me living in Singapore where Pandora was terribly expensive.

    I have been lemming for Pandora for more than a year. Each time I went into the local store, I only dare to see, look and admire. Never once do I dare to buy one single item. I did once considered buying a Pandora ring at the local store, but the service I had was average. With the expensive price tag, I decided a no go.

    Don’t be mistaken. I work full time and have a regular income, with extra to splurge on myself. But I can never understand why a single Pandora item is so expensive, espeically when I found out it was made in Thailand. No offense to anyone but shouldn’t things made here in Asia be more affordable? Anyway, as much as I crave for a Pandora, I didn’t think it was wise to do so here in Singapore. I love to shop, but I love to shop smart. When I think I did was to pay for their store rental.

    I do not think people in US might understand how much Pandora here in Singapore cost. Eg would be an open works charm. It should costs about SGD40 vs SGD20 from Perlen. A silver pandora bracelet is SGD121 vs Perlen SGD60 to SGD70. So do you I made the right choice by NOT buying in Singapore? I’m sure you understand what I mean. 🙂

    Perlen was the place which really made my shopping experience a fantastic one. Frankly speaking, if not for Perlen, I would never be starting my first bracelet! Now, with Perlen, I just completed my first bracelet which I’m soooo happy! :))

    The same thing happened to my sis in law who stays in Hong Kong where Pandora is only slightly cheaper than Singapore. Perlen also helped made her first Pandora purchase possible.

    I might sound like I’m a deprived woman here. Hahah but it’s true when you have to deal with ridicously maked up prices for ‘branded overseas goods’ here in Asia.

    I have placed my final Pandora orders from Perlen. But I will not stop here. I’m looking at Trollbeads now (after your good and interesting articles on them of course!) 🙂

    I thank you LeAnn for introducing Perlen to me, my friend and my sis in law. I thank Perlen for making my Pandora purchase possible.

    Many hugs!!!

  • nelia almeida

    at least i can still get trollbeads, i love the quality and look of trollbeads
    so sad for everyone at perlen though

  • Veronica

    OMFG I am so very mad right now, >:[ I love Perlen SO much for SO many reasons, grr!! And to think, people will be losing their jobs over ONE mistake…What ever happened to second chances? My God…

  • Sharon

    Pandora is sounding more and more like Apple. Not happy for me nor Perlen. I am sure that was a good chunck of their business.

  • Jennifer

    This is very sad! However, I just noticed that everything on my Perlen wish list right now is either Redbalifrog or Trollbeads! So please hang in there Perlin, we will still support you! 🙂

  • April

    Very sad news about Perlen, i wouldn’t of had half of my pandora collection without them either. Very bad of Pandora, they do seem to have a stick up their backsides & seem not to know the word forgiveness when it comes to mistakes. Remember the “family ties” charm farce Pandora?! Will continue to buy Trollbeads off Perlen & considering Redbalifrog too.

  • Jessica Yin

    I think pandora finally found an excuse to cut tie with Perlene. They don’t allows other stores to sell their charms cheaper than theirs. They attacked some eBay sellers too. I love Pandora but not agree with their price and the way they treated their partners. I will look into trollbeads, I’ll transfer my passion of collecting charms to other companies.

    • Angela

      Jessica ,
      I agree with you ,started with Pandora have hundreds of beads / charms, not wearing them much these days.You will absolutely love Troll or Redbali go back through previous posts, Leann has a several bracelets and beads from both brands featured and they are even more spectacular in person.. Bought my first Troll bracelet August 4th. 2012 , Now I have 3 full bracelets and working on the 4th. During this time I have only bought 7 Pandora charms,and that was during Sept free bracelet promo and the Black Friday gift box, that I am contemplating to return . Only got it just in case, it might have gotten sold out and if I decided later would be hard to find or higher price.

  • claire

    i am so annoyed about this damn you pandora!!!
    its ok for those that collect troll beads etc but its a complete loss to people like myself who only collect pandora.

  • Francine

    I am sorry for Pandora collectors, after I discovered Perlen, 95% of my purchases were from them. I only purchased muranos from my local store.

    I switched to troll this year. I am really digging this brand. I kind of wished I would have discovered Troll first. I like the uniqueness and edginess of Troll. When I started collecting Pandora in 2009 hardly no one else had one, now I see Pandora coming and going. I have only seen 1 other person wearing Troll ever.

    I knew something was up with Perlen when it took almost 2 weeks before they got their Pandora fall line. The same thing happened to a local mom and pop store by me. Pandora pulled their line and the owner ended up going out of business because Pandora was her bread and butter.

  • Libby

    I love Perlen. Do the troll beads and others fit on pandora bracelets. I am so annoyed I will stop buying Pandora.

    • Leann

      Only some do, Libby. All Pandora will fit on Trollbeads bracelet though. They’re stronger and they also don’t stretch ;).

  • Angela

    Such sad news, hope Perlen hangs in there when one door closes another opens. Many of us were introduced to Pandora through our smaller boutique stores… Their enthusiasm and energy sold us on the product as soon as Pandora started to gather steam and do really well they pulled the rug from under these guys. Many have gone bankrupt, I have no problem with a business going under due to normal free market circumstances, but I have one with Pandora’s business model and to top it all they have become bullies.. Pandora seems to habitually, kick the people who brings them to the party. Now they have kicked Perlen and since it is their habit one wonders when it will be the consumers turn to be kicked.
    I contend that Pandora has kicked us a few times … not knowing the meaning of the word exclusive , retired or limited edition.., we just are too busy to notice or dwell on it or maybe we did not realize that there is a whole world of charms to be explored.. Thank Goodness for Leann and her gift of sharing that we become aware of these options. To many Retailers and possibly Pandora Corp. Perlen seemed a threat as they could sell outside their borders at a discount all at an unfair adavantage… not so. Perlen served a useful purpose.. increased sales and popularity of the Pandora brand. We have extensive collections because of Perlen, it did not stop people from buying locally or from the concept store. Actually, buying from Perlen at a discount afforded purchases from the store one hand washes the other. Majority of people did not buy Pearls or Muranos from Perlen we prefer to select and match those ourselves and we paid full price because we got a deal at Perlen.
    Pandora needs to understand they are not the only Bead system , people have choices.Admirable to want to be # 1, IMO it could have been done with the base of smaller stores. and some larger / concept stores sprinkled in , instead they went all hoitey toitey and rolled out all the chrome , glass , stiff sales people with recited sales speeches and began to dictate terms to retailers and consumers alike. I don’t like being dictated to , do you?
    Many other brands have walked this path and they all lead to being shadows of their glory days with diminished sales remember … Tupperwear, Fuller Brush ,Avon they two got all spiffy and lost their way (JCPenny these guys are on a fast track date with the bankruptcy courts) and at its worst death like Circuit City .
    I don’t believe I am alone in saying, Pandora you have lost your way go back to producing products that people want and value. That will increase demand and market share.. that will lead you to the number one slot that you crave. “As the kids would say Pandora, we are not feeling you”, the preview of Spring 2013 shows near 3 dozen charms of which 6 maybe worth the time and silver. Not good odds and if they are any indicators of where you are heading you have wayyy more problems than Perlen as your products, your business and practices have become boring, stale and unimaginative, they do not excite. In fact they just annoy…Perlen was one of the last advantage to buying your product at a decent price the others are eBay and Craigslist. LOL.. Let’s see you try to control them.
    BTW, wonder why my Perlen wish list also, had few Pandoras? and since what I was wishing for are sold out now it contains none.

    Forgot to mention when I went to local Pandora store on Black Friday they were also featuring their newest line.. Story.. that you had featured. When you posted it last month I though young , Goth ,not for me but actually very surprised pretty and elegant. Will explore after the holidays

  • Elyse

    How do you combat such sad news? Just pulled the trigger on ordering my first redbalifrog pieces from Perlen.

  • Veronica

    I spent a lot of my day thinking about my recent introduction to Pandora… Maybe I will start a whole other bracelet with TB. I love how edgy they are, WAY more so than Pandora. I will keep my one Pandora bracelet, and only ask for one charm per special occasion and after it fills, I’m done with Pandora.

  • Francine

    Pandora may have done Perlen a favor. The way Pandora has been conducting business of late they may not be long on this earth. Girl Aloud “Yuck”, using existing beads for their 2011 and 2012 BF bead “Yuck”, and the childish looking 2013 spring line “Yuck”.

    Almost all of my Pandora are the older ones and thanks to Perlen I was able to pick up the retired ones that I had missed. The older ones are better IMO.

    • Angela

      Bravo ….on all points .You are right,everything has a season maybe the Pandora season is slowly passing by.I would say to Perlen wave goodbye to Pandora and get busy now, is an excellent time to step up their game. Let PAndora eat dust as you blow by them.Find up and coming metalsmiths,feature their wares,improve customer relations to give faster and clearer responses, keep prices competitive like they have been doing, offer promotions that keep customers entertained and enthused.That will keep most of us happy for years.

  • Madison vu

    Hi, I was wondering if you noticed that perlen increased their prices today. I was on their site earlier in the day looking at fastaniation charms. They were 36.92 and now it’s 46.14 which is more then the store. Any input would help. Thanks.

    • Leann

      Did you sign into your account? The prices are listed with VAT, after you sign in with a non-EU address does it show the price without VAT. It’s still $36.

  • Carol

    I’m upset too about this news. I probably can’t afford to have almost every piece of each new collection if it wasn’t for Perlen. I am now no longer able to buy that many pieces just because of how expensive the prices are in Canada. I’ll just have to buy way less now…. Sad day 🙁

    • AhCapp


      I cannot agree with you more. Pandora is way too marked up here in Singapore. I’m not able to buy from US unless the online store accepts international credit cArd.

      I’ll have to buy less Pandora when Perlen goes dry with Pandora. I’ll switch to trollbeads next 🙂

  • Jakob from Denmark

    Hallo to all the nice girl;)
    When you support a webshop, many nice girls in the retail business ,will loose the job. Instead some fast guys and girls will get a job to a lower wage, in a warehouse packing pandora and lego.
    33 % of the shop will closed in Denmark for the next 5 years,because of the internet.
    The small shop in Denmark have cancel santa claus and the lights this year in the street, because the have less money…

    so Internet is not perfect. We have to chose will we sit home and shop, or will we go out and shop and look at some nice girls and boys in the future…..

  • Olympic hopeful mom

    Would anyone be interested in boycotting Pandora for 6-12 months? We could start a petition to get Perlen back as an authorized dealer & refuse to purchase pandora products until this happens. I’m fed up with Pandora’s antics. Bad business decision will come back to bite them & we need to send a united message that we aren’t happy with their actions.

    • Angela

      What sport?
      I like your thoughts on the boycott but it is a very hard thing to implement. I am sad we will loose the discounted sales from Perlen,but my business spidey senses day this was not Perlens first tangle with Pandora.This has been a while coming,Perlen should have been prepared and dropped Pandora first.Having a larger/popular/visible outlet drop your brand is more harm to brand.Brand dropping you means retailer is inept,too small or worst dishonest.Perlen has allowed Pandora to have the upper hand.Boycotts now will not put the Genie back in the bottle,if we had known before we could have helped,now not so much.
      If you usually spent $1,000 or more on Pandora (bet you never realized all you spent on these little babies get the Smelling Salts you will be shocked how those $25 and $50 add up) gyat a Pandora store spend it elsewhere on another brand.Pandora’s big fear is loosing market share. It is folks like us that made Pandora if we walk away period that will hurt them.
      Boycotts differ in that it is for a specific time..who will remember when it starts or when it ends? If you want to have effect then we have to say and mean it ” I will NOT be buying Pandora at any iu ytand if the Pandora bug hits I will swap with my pals or buy from eBay or Craigslist” Which will mean we do not get the silly little made in China boxes and dust catchers,can buy those online..Last year spent $125 plus tax buying charms that were so so just to get the crappy little heart box,could have bought box & charms on eBay for a lot less.I know people will say that we are hurting local retailer & tax incomes.I say carry what I want which is not Pandora ,at a fair price and I will shop local.
      Pandora Corp.I am so done with you not only because of Perlen but all your decisions over the past year has annoyed me,your job was to please me,not annoy snd mine was to buy….You no longer please me,now I buy Troll ,Redbali.or newer brands featured by Leann.

      • Angela

        Sorry for the typos.and extra stuff in post above curtesy of technology…smart phone would not let me correct.

      • Olympic hopeful mom

        Sport – Diving

        Good points Angela.

        I just wish Pandora appreciated their customers more. All the restrictions are crazy. Not shipping out of the country & now I find out the Black Friday charm is non refundable & no exchanges is unfair. So if you bought one for a Christmas gift & they don’t like it your stuck with it.

        I just started my mother, my daughter & her best friend bracelets for Christmas. But I will return it all because I can’t purchase that much at regular prices. I think Pandora is killing
        their business. I think it’s time to try other brands of charms. Everyone has them now. Maybe Pandora will wake up.

        I hope Perlens survives this.

    • Angela

      Olympic Hopeful Mom,
      Where did you hear that we cannot return the BF charm, got mine so I would have time to think about it. Planned that if decided did not want it ,would be easy to return while the other way searching online if I decided later and it was sold out would cost a lot more. Will have to call my store tom. It is not printed on my receipt,nor was I told that.? If ” no refund or exchange ” is not printed on the receipt or you were not told at time of purchase then they cannot hold you to that. If charm was paid for with M.C or VISA contact them. I believe you have some options there. Wonder if anyone else was told this?
      If in the US depending on state there are other laws that may apply , my Sister made purchases outside the US had problems and they have tried to convince her that sales are final and that they did not have to replace her broken charm. Even though the Pandora catalog says otherwise. Do you think maybe your store has had a lot of returns and is trying to not accept anymore?

      • Olympic hopeful mom

        I was told at the Pandora store that no refunds or exchanges with this charm. I was shocked. I was on the fence trying to decide if I wanted it because it just didn’t catch my interest like last year’s charm. But when I heard this I decided to wait. Now I wonder if that is the policy with all products. I will be at the mall later & go in ask if they changed the policy. That’s not good customer service. My husband has bought charms for me in the past & I have exchanged before. But if this is the new policy I will hesitate to purchase for gifts.

  • Jennifer

    I placed an order at Perlen on Wednesday, for Redbalifrog and Trollbeads, and they shipped it out the very next day! Such great service, I can’t wait to get my new beads!

    • Angela

      LOL Can see you doing the happy dance, after that little package arrives.

      • Jennifer

        Yes, I did!! It was a fun mail day. 🙂

        And despite my vow not to buy any more beads until January, today I couldn’t resist a Pandora Hong Bao on Perlen for $27…

      • Leann

        What a great deal! They also have the two-tone CNY dragons too.

      • Jennifer

        Well…it was a good deal, but they cancelled the order on me. 🙁 They said they listed too many for sale, but I am wondering if they actually filled them in the order received, it seems people after me were not cancelled.

        Oh well, it wasn’t mean to be, right?! 🙂

      • Leann

        Oh no :(. That’s too bad!

  • Jennifer

    Meant to be…

  • joanne

    Hi Leann, Is perlen selling Pandora again? cause I see that they have the spring 2013 collection, Unless it was ordered before this news?

  • Gracey Saquing

    Wondering if you know somebody who ordered from Perlen and had the Pandora charms shipped to the Philippines? Is it okay to avail of the free shipping and how long did it take for the charms to arrive? This blog is definitely helpful for newbies like me. More power. Thank you.