Royal baby (and charm) is here!

pandora-royal-baby-carriage1The highly anticipated first child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has just arrived to much celebration! The baby boy made his appearance into the world this evening on July 22, 2013 weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces. The child has since been named, His Royal Highness, the Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge will be the third in line for the British throne.

To commemorate this bundle of joy, Pandora has created the limited edition Royal Baby Carriage charm. The RBC became available for sale a couple of weeks ago at the beginning of July in Australia to some people’s dismay as it was before the child’s birth. In the UK, they’ve held off releasing the baby carriage charm until now to insure that there was a safe delivery. Currently, the special piece can only be found in the UK, Australia, and my sources have confirmed that Canada will also be receiving a limited number of these!

The basic foundation of the charm is the Pandora baby pram/carriage featuring a gold crown detail. The crown is the same one as found on the Happily Ever After (princess castle) bead and was also added to the Cruise Ship to make the exclusive Pandora 2013 Cruise charm. Instead of the original pink crystal, the RBC has a clear CZ as the gender of the child was not revealed until now. On the other side of the bead is engraved, “Royal Baby 2013” and it’s much more delicate and smaller than I expected. The charm is priced at $69AUD. £55GBP, and $75CAD; with conversion rates it’s definitely much cheaper to get it from Australia!

pandora-british-braceletI received my RBC with lightning speed from Australia so a big thanks to my friend Phyll for helping me :D. I’m very excited to have it in hand for the birth so I didn’t mind the early release at all. I love anything to do with the Royals so pairing it with the Pandora Royal Wedding Charm was a must. I’ve also decided to make a whole bracelet representing England because I’m a huge anglophile. Here is the start of my bracelet, which is pretty well filled actually, having taken most of the beads from my travel bracelet. I’m waiting on the taxi and phone booth charms from the fall 2013 collection to complete this theme. It’s become one of my favorites!

What do you think of the new limited edition charm? Worth getting?

  • April Clark

    Was it still 7/22 in the UK or was it 7/23? I can’t keep up with the different time zones.

    • Leann

      Haha. Still 7/22 I think. They’re 8 hours ahead PST, just 5 hours EST.

      • April Clark

        Yeah, I think you’re right. They didn’t release the info for about 4 hours after the lil guy was born and most of my “Across the Pond” friends had already said they were going to going to bed so I just assumed it was the following day. lol The time change is nuts.

      • Leann

        It is. I’ve gotten much more on top of time zones and currency exchanges since I’ve started buying and selling Pandora on the pages, lol!!

  • MJ

    Beautiful bracelet, Leann! You are so creative; it’s everything English and Royals. The baby carriage will be perfect!

    • Leann

      Thanks, MJ! I love anything English :D.

  • June

    Leanne – Are you certain that Canada will be getting the RBC

    • Lesley T

      I have confirmed at my local Canadian Pandora store that they are getting a limited amount! Squee!!!!!

    • Leann

      It’s been confirmed! 🙂

  • Robin

    I’d love this charm. How does one order it from the USA?

    • Ashley

      That’s exactly what I wanna know too, Robin! But my guess? Unless u know someone in one of the countries Leann mentioned selling the RBC and can get u one and mail it to ya, we in the US aren’t going to get a chance to buy one in our Pandora stores. Wait till Ebay and hope someone will sell a few at not some ridiculous price, that’s what I’m hoping anyway! 🙂

      • Marilyne

        You could try Charm Junction in Langley, BC. They ship to the US.

      • Leann

        It’s a big expensive though…$20+ I think?

    • Amy

      Hi Robin!
      I live in the UK and would be happy to post you one?
      Here’s my email. Just let me know if I can help you 🙂
      Amy 🙂

    • Leann

      That’s right, Ashley. You’ll have to find someone in that country. There are ladies that have said they’d help on related posts :).

      • Ashley

        Thanks Leann! Found someone in Australia that’s helping me out, so glad I didn’t have to do the ebay thing!! 🙂

      • Leann

        Woohoo! It’ll be cheaper too, I’m sure :D. Let me know what you think when you get the sweet little charm!

  • Melody Daugherty

    I’m waiting delivery of my RBC charm from AUS! I too have an England/London bracelet that started as a travel bracelet, but… We must be on the same wave link – I can’t wait for the taxi cab and phone booth either. They can’t get here fast enough!!!

    • Leann

      Woohoo! You’re going to love it! 😀 Me tooo, just have to save enough room on my bracelet for them to fit ;).

  • Jordan

    I have reserved my bady charm to collect on Thursday during the bracelet promotion here in the UK. They saidntis seeling fast and that they dont think they will be able to order any more , the same as the LE bear. I think it’s great we have something to mark a historical piece of history. I have the wedding charm to go with it.However I don’t think it’s fair that the UK have to pay the most for the charm! It should be the same for all the countries that are receiving this charm.

    • Leann

      OooooOoOoOo, even more special! I love the limited editions beads ;). It is how weird the currency conversion is but I don’t think that’s taken into consideration when they’re pricing it. I think the drop in the Australian dollar was pretty severe and only happened within the last couple months.

  • Cassie Simons

    SOOOOO Lovely, got mine from the Jewel Hut in england for free postage. they do ship international for free too it says on their website free worldwide delivery, worth a try!!!!

    • Lynn Rosack

      Thanks for the heads up! Jewel Hut does offer free shipping to the USA. 🙂

    • Leann

      That’s awesome! Love the charm too. 😀

    • Tiffany

      Thank you so much for the recommendation!! It seems too good to be true that they ship to the US for free, but it seemed like a reputable site. And I paid with PayPal. Thanks again and can’t wait!

  • Gail

    Hi Leann
    I am from Canada and checked with our pandora store and they don’t know anything about getting the new baby carriage royal charm. I have never understood who why we did not get the the charms anyway because we are sister countries with England .

    • Leann

      Check around, Gail. It’s definitely going to be in Canada! Quantities are limited though, I hear. 🙂

  • Uila

    Instead of the dangla crown, I would use the big ben there, as it is probably similar in size to the cricket bat.

    I also have a british themed bracelet. 😀

    • Leann

      The big ben would be perfect but I’ve got it on my destination bracelet with all the other destination charms. Great idea! 🙂 What do you have on your British bracelet?

      • Uila

        I have two teacups, two teapots, four murano beads of the Best of british, two London buses (also from the best of british), one dangly best of british medal (my focal point), the rock star clips, dreamer (?) clip on security chain, two crowns and two royal wedding beads.

        But as soon as I get two royal baby beads the royal wedding beads and the crowns will be moved to a new bracelet that will be royal themed. On their place I will put two london calling beads and two taxi beads and the bracelet will be complete. 😀

      • Leann

        Wow! I can tell you like symmetry ;). That’s great, I can’t bring myself to buy more than one of the same bead – there are just so many to choose from.

  • Gabby

    Hi everyone 🙂 I’m from the US and was wondering if anyone knew of any sites that carry the Royal baby charm and ships to the US? Any help would be great as I would love to have this charm to go with my Royal wedding one! Thanks in advance!

    • rhea

      I have two for sale on ebay and would ship to you I’m from the uk ebay item

  • rhea

    I have some of the roya pram charms I have bought from pandora. I have receipt to prove they are real. I would post to anyone outside UK no worries. X