Release dates for Pandora’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection

Courtesy of Susan Huckstepp

We’re barely into August and apparently the new Fall/Winter 2012 collection from Pandora has been released in the UK! Reports from ladies in the UK confirm that the new beads have hit stores, but not all of them. In the picture Susan Huckstepp was kind enough to share her treats from the new collection – the new Family Forever charm and the wishbone dangle. Following the Family Ties fiasco, lots of fans were clamoring for a re-release of the charm, but that was unlikely given the backlash already experienced by the company. So many customers were delighted to see the inclusion of a family themed bead available for sale this season. The charm is an openworks (no threads) and has a mommy, daddy, boy, girl, and baby represented on the bead.  The wishbone dangle is so delicate and the base reminds me of the one for the Venus dangle.

With this collection the UK is finally getting some of the looking glass Muranos, specifically the turquoise, pink, and white ones, as well as the Kiss Me I’m Irish Murano.  This is the first time we have a stock photo of the koala!  I think it’s adorable, but I’m surprised it’s a dangle.  I had a peek of this picture and I can’t wait to see it in person.  The new collection is already available on some British websites: BeadazzleJewel Hut, John Greed, and Argento.

This collection is expected to ship immediately following the bracelet promotion next month in the US; so like all of the prior releases, I’m assuming the East Coast will have the charms first.  I’ve been told that Perlen will be receiving the new collection at the end of this month or early September, which is very soon now!  Of course, I will let everyone know as soon as the new charms are available for sale on Perlen ;).

In other exciting UK news, shops including online stores will be offering a free single leather bracelet with a purchase of £75 from August 30 – September 2.  Upgrades might be available, but contact your local store to confirm.

  • Louise

    Can you reccomend any UK websites selling Pandora jewellery? I’m in Australia, so I’m not sure how great a deal it would be for me considering postage costs, but that bracelet promo sounds good 🙂

    • Leann

      Unfortunately none of the authorized UK dealers are allowed to ship outside the country, this is true for all markets. If you’d like to take advantage of the leather bracelet promo, I’d recommend asking a UK friend for help (maybe Shirley Edwards on Facebook). 🙂

      • Cjade

        The US will be running the leather bracelet in October.

  • Jessica

    Do you know if the first collection will include the cruise ship charm? I will be getting off a cruise right before this release date so it would be amazing if I could snag it so soon after!

    • Leann

      Yes, the cruise ship will be available in the first wave. Have fun on your cruise!


    Thanks for sharing, and letting us get a little peek of the fall collection!!! I want both of those charms, there so cute…

  • debbie

    leann on the pandora website a person reported that the fall collection will be arriving in early september so this will be available for the bracelet promo. have you heard anything about this?

    • Leann

      Yes, from a reliable source as well. I will be doing a post for the bracelet promo to include this info. 🙂

  • debbie

    also one other comment do you think in october you could exchange the pink leather bracelet for another color? I know it is for breast cancer and plan on getting one but I would also like other colors

    • Leann

      Depends on the store. I would ask :).