*redbalifrog* Spirituality Charms


With the Trollbeads fall collection featuring an Eastern Spirituality motif, I wanted to showcase similar designs that have long been part of the *redbalifrog* line. *redbalifrog* has a long tradition and strong roots with Asian cultures, themes, and designs, so it’s no surprise that I gravitated towards many of these pieces since I got into the brand.  This review will feature the Relaxing Buddha, Good Luck Money Buddha, Buddha Head, Ganesha, and Hamsa Protecting Hand.  I’ve written on the large Om, Om lock, and Lotus lock before and you can find those posts through the highlight links.


I’m surprised by how many Buddha designs that Amanda has created, but they are very different and distinct from one another.  The Buddha is popular in various Asian cultures but they take different forms.  The Chinese Buddha is a fat jolly fellow, better known for bringing good fortune.  Whereas Thai Buddha is a slimmer more stoic version and has a distinct geometric crown.  The Good Luck Money Buddha resembles a common statute of the Chinese idol, and features him with a gourd, gold ingots, and walking stick as his accessories.

The Buddha Head and Relaxing Buddha both take after the Thai vision of the Buddha.  As the name suggests, the Buddha Head only has the top of the head and is actually vertically cored, so it sits sideways on the bracelet.  This charm is very elegant and a must for any Eastern influence bracelet.  The Relaxing Buddha is a less traditional form of the figure and portrays a calm and serene demeanor.  He is folded into a yoga-esque pose and is one of the smaller *redbalifrog* beads.

Ganesha is the Hindu god of new beginnings, wisdom, and knowledge and most easily recognized for his elephant head.  He is typically shown to be holding an axe in one hand and a noose in the other, and that is what is seen here.  This is a good size bead but not as large as the Good Luck Money Buddha.  The Hamsa sign has been used by many cultures as a symbol of protection and this one is symmetrical with the “evil eye” in the middle of the palm.  The chain runs lengthwise through the bead so it does not sit high on the bracelet.

*redbalifrog* definitely has amazing spirituality charms and they are exquisitely detailed as is common for this brand.  All the beads have large cores which make them compatible for all bracelets, including Pandora.  My recommended retailers are Perlen, the official US distributor Redbalifrog US, Macrow Exclusive Bead Store in the UK, and Oromoda.  All these stores ship internationally and have great customer service.  Do you have any of these charms?

Bead index (starting from left, *redbalifrog* silvers and Trollbeads glass): om lock, cream dillo, buddha head, unique green flower, lotus flower, unique orange feet, good luck money buddha, crown chakra, hamsa protecting hand, LE summer straws, bonsai tree, unique orange spots, relaxing buddha, white bubbles, large om, unique green orange dots, ganesha, coral opal.