*redbalifrog* Profumi d’Italia Review

redbalifrog-le-porfumi-d'italia-inspiration2*redbalifrog* recently debuted a beautiful set of charms exclusive to the Italian market.  This release was called Profumi D’Italia, the scent of Italy, and includes the Orange Blossom and Grapes.  This is not the first time that Amanda has country specific beads, but I simply adore this set and purchased them immediately.  These are a great representation of *redbalifrog*’s style and are reminiscent of the first charms that made me fall in love with this brand.


The Orange Blossom is the smaller of the two and it’s a circular charm with the flower detail encircling the bead.  The buds of the flowers are raised off of the surface, and I love that Amanda added the leaves as well as the flowers.  Grapes is incredibly detailed with all the individual grapes defined.  My favorite part of this charm is the top where the leaves and stem are perfectly sculpted.

*redbalifrog* charms have large cores and can fit bracelets of all brands including Pandora.  This collection is available online at Oromoda Gioielli, and shipping to the US is €10 or free with orders over €75.  There are no country restrictions for this brand so  the exclusivity is that it’s only for purchase in Italy.  I decided to add orange and purple together to represent the charms, and the combination turned out bright and vibrant.  Do you tempted by these exclusives?


Bead index (starting from left, silvers are Redbalifrog and glass are Trollbeads): rose lock, daisy, unique purple galaxy, unique orange flower, grapes, amethyst, unique orange python, frangipanis forever, unique purple braid, unique orange spirograph, chrysanthemum, purple dillo, LE sunset blossom, orange blossom, third eye, unique orange petals, daisy chain, LE diamond purple flower, unique orange fleur de lis, roses.

  • CarolinaWings

    Gorgeous bracelet, love the colors. Redbalifrog silvers are amazing, I’ve got several more on my wish list.

    • Leann

      Thank you! I am so pleased with these beads, I love the nature motif and the details can’t be beat :).

  • Raven97

    Very colorful, like the grape /orange coloration and the Uniques you selectedto pair with these charms. Do you happen to remember the cost in US $ for the pair of charms.

    • Leann

      Thank you! Yes, the beads are €24.60 each (without VAT). Not too bad! 🙂

  • disqus_7xtfjMO3Ke

    I’ve been a fan of Pandora, and now am becoming interested in redbalifrog and trollbeads as well (because of you!). You refer to Perlen and 1 or 2 other places overseas to purchase these charms. It came to my attention that there may be customs and duty charges/fees when shipping to the USA. Has this been your experience? Can you speak a little bit about that? I’m clueless. Thanks.

    • Leann

      The US has a pretty lenient policy on customs – I believe they don’t charge anything for packages under $1000. Other countries are really strict and will tax on pretty much any purchase but I wouldn’t worry about that for the States.