*redbalifrog* Profumi d’Italia Collezione

redbalifrog-le-porfumi-d'italiaThis is a rather late preview but *redbalifrog* premiered a brand new collection exclusively for Italy called Profumi d’Italia, or Scents of Italy, at the end of February.  Inspired by the lovely country, this mini collection consists of Grapes and Orange Blossom charms.  While there’s no shipping restrictions from *redbalifrog*, it is a bit of work to figure out how to have them delivered overseas.  These are simply beautiful and I am already coveting them desperately, so I’m hoping it’s not too costly for international shipping.  They’re currently online at Oromoda Gioielli, and shipping to the US is €10 or free with orders over €75.

This isn’t the first time that Amanda has designed limited edition charms, and Heidi’s Trollbeads & More in Austria has a number of them, including Circle, Riesenrad (Ferris Wheel), Joshua, Edelweiss (retired), Art Nouveau, and Klimt.  The Art Nouveau and Klimt were inspired by the artist’s 150th birthday and I’ve discussed my admiration for the Klimt bead.  I’m so tempted to get the other special *redbalifrog* charms and maybe it’s time I make it a priority ;).  These charms are available worldwide from Heidi’s Trollbeads & More.

I absolutely adore the Scents of Italy Collection and I hope to get them soon!  What do you think of these limit edition charms?