*redbalifrog* Northern Lights New Year’s Collection

redbalifrog-northern-lights-cover2We’re fast approaching 2014 and it’s time to start thinking about those new year’s resolutions!  To help welcome in the new year, I’m reviewing the second part of the new *redbalifrog* Northern Lights Collection featuring designs that remind me of celebrating next year.  I’ve already taken a look at the Christmas charms, including Nordic Tree, Madonna and Child, Madonna and Child pendant, Caribou Reindeer, Baubles, North Pole; the rest are Trojan Horse, New Year Hat, Star Lock, and a new bracelet.  This is Amanda and Nick’s first collaboration together, but all the pieces in this post are Amanda’s designs.


redbalifrog-new-years-hatThe New Year Hat is very festive and is a rather large top hat, popular for those formally ringing in the new year.  “Happy New Year” is engraved on both sides of the hat, and the core goes through the middle of the hat.  The brim extends around the charm in a flowing manner giving it an organic feel.  The bottom of the hat is open, so while this is a larger bead it’s not overly heavy.

redbalifrog-trojan-horse2014 is the Year of the Horse on the Chinese zodiac calendar, and Amanda created the Trojan Horse charm to coincide with the year’s spirit animal.  This design is a gorgeous interpretation combining the animal and the horse mane plume on a Grecian soldier’s helmet.  This bears a strong resemblance to the knight chess piece, especially with the square base.  The horse’s mane is tapered into a point on the back with scouring details along the edge, and there is also a greco-roman pattern along the bottom of the charm.

The star of the collection (pun intended!) is the Star lock, another home run for Amanda and a fabulous addition to the *redbalifrog* line.  This one resembles the Om and Rose lock in shape, with a sturdy body and sloped end.  The pattern looks like the stars or fireworks set against the night sky, which is represented as a heavily oxidized background.  This is a heavy piece and very sturdy; I’ve never had any problems with any of my *redbalifrog* locks.

redbalifrog-snake-braceletLastly, Amanda has designed a new bracelet for this season, one that she’s mentioned with a more masculine/unisex aesthetic.  The chain showcases sleek snaking links and flows smoothly.  The tag is more streamlined diamond shape with “RBF” engraved rather than the bigger lotus tag on the other *redbalifrog* bracelet.  I like this unadorned chain just as much as the more stylized chain, and I’m so happy that Amanda is giving fans more than one option.

This concludes my review of the Northern Lights Collection just in time for the new year!  *redbalifrog* has large core diameter charms and can fit on all bracelet brands and can be purchased from Perlen or Redbalifrog USA.  I decided to mix in champagne colors and a black & white theme for those that bring in the new year with formal wear.  What do you think of these creations?  Do you prefer the Christmas motifs from this collection or these pieces?

  • Debra

    Hi LeAnn,
    I was hoping to see a bracelet with HNY and Trojan horse. I was thinking black and gold, I ordered a couple of beads from Kathy Perras, but didn’t get around to ordering the NHY or Trojan horse yet and the NY is Wednesday so I will put those on my wish list for later.
    I did get everything else but the North Pole, I wasn’t sure of the length and sitting at a computer all day I wasn’t sure it would get in the way. I’m also not sure about the reindeer, on the day I wore him we had a major disagreement in the ladies room. His antlers got stuck and I had a hard time getting him undone. Needless to say the rest of the day he stayed at my desk while I visited the ladies room.
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

    • Leann

      I really like the Trojan Horse, a very cool interpretation on next year’s zodiac animal! North Pole is one of my favorites from the collection, it doesn’t hang too long, I haven’t found it getting in the way. 🙂 Oh yikes, bad reindeer! Lol.

      Thank you so much, I had a wonderful lazy Christmas. Happy New Year to you too! 🙂