*redbalifrog* Natural Elements Review

redbalifrog-natural-stones-cover*redbalifrog* just announced their annual retirement and thankfully the list is quite small.  The discontinued items include the Red Coral and White Coral beads, as well as a necklace chain.  The brand offers a fabulous selection of natural beads and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do a review on them.  Currently, *redbalifrog* has a number of wood beads including Black Wood, Bamboo, and Coconut, as well as the Red Coral, White Coral, and Volcanic Fossil for porous stones, and the Amethyst and Turquoise Stone for semi-precious gems.


I love natural beads and I was so excited that *redbalifrog* has a number to choose from.  Most of the stones are in the traditional shape but Turquoise Stone, Amethyst, and Volcanic Fossil are larger barrels.  The Red and White Corals have always been my favorite as they add a splash of color and are great to use with my *redbalifrog* collection, even though I haven’t showcased them yet. The wood beads are a close second as I adore the really different material that they’re made from, and they are very light because of that. The Turquoise and Amethyst are more substantial, especially since they’re bigger in size too, and come with some variation due to the inclusions in the beads. The Volcanic Fossil is really cool since it’s made from vulcanized stone and has a interesting gritty texture.

These are the only beads that the brand has in the line at the moment as they haven’t gotten into glass yet.  The cores are one-piece solid silver and have large diameters which can fit on all bracelet types, including Pandora.  Since the Red and White Corals have been retired, they will no longer be produced so be sure to get them while stocks are available if you’re interested in them.  *redbalifrog* can be purchased from Perlen, Redbalifrog USA, or Oromoda.  Do you like natural elements on your bracelet?  Are you sad to see the Red and White Coral go?

  • FairObjective

    I love these beads, Leann, especially the red & white coral, and the wood. I’ve been wanting some pretty wooden ones for a while now, and these corals are great for adding some bright splashes of color, as well. Take care…Kim

    • Leann

      They’re fabulous, aren’t they? Do you have a lot of *redbalifrog* charms?

      • FairObjective

        They really are (fabulous). No, I don’t have much Redbalifrog at all; only about 7 charms or so. I really love the brand, though – definitely want to add to my collection from the sizeable wish list I have of their beautiful, detailed products. Take care, Leann…Kim

      • Leann

        There’s always more on the wish list! Redbalifrog is a great brand though and I totally recommend them :).

  • Jilly

    Can you put them on a trollbeads bracelet? They look amazing.