*redbalifrog* Myths and Legends Review

redbalifrog-myths-and-legends-cover2One of the most interesting releases of the summer was undoubtedly Myths and Legends from *redbalifrog*.  These designs were a collaboration between Amanda and Nick, and turned out fabulously.  They’ve been very well received and I’m excited to highlight them today.  This collection includes Dragon Hatchling, Mastya Fish Man, Book of Spells, Jackalope, Pegasus, Cyclops Skull, and a black leather strap.  While the strap is not explicitly part of this post, you can find a review on the *redbalifrog* Leather Bracelets here.


As the name suggests, most of these beads are inspired by fantasy and of course have the amazing attention to detail that is the brand is known for.  Dragon motifs have been a fan favorite lately especially with the popular Game of Thrones series going on, so the Dragon Hatchling is perfect for this theme.  It is oval in shape and dual sided; the back is rounded and has textured scales while the other is flat with the dragon climbing out of the egg.  The placement of the talons really evokes the feeling that the dragon will emerge at any moment!

The Mastya Fish Man is a symbol for the Hindu god Vishnu and has the bottom half of a fish and the top half of a man.  The bead is on the larger side and is incredibly sculpted.  The tail has a great deal of detail outlining the scales and fins; the man/god half of the design is well defined with 4 arms, ornate jewelry adorning the body, and flowing locks seen from the back.  It is top heavy though, so tends to flip a bit on the chain.

The Jackalope is from North American folklore and is a mix of a jackrabbit and antelope.  Immediately from the initial photos, I knew this would be my favorite of the collection!  The bunny is realistically proportioned while the fantasy comes from the antlers and beautiful flourishes all over the bead.  It is so cute and whimsical, I just can’t say enough great things about it.

Mythology is certainly a large part of this collection and one of Greek Mythology’s most famous creatures is the Pegasus.  It is a winged horse and again, also a larger charm.  The horse is turning to one side, kneeling down, and the wings are positioned in an upwards movement.  There’s a sense of majesty to the horse as you see him ready to take off into the air.

Another staple of Greek Mythology is the Cyclops and this design is truly unique to *redbalifrog*.  The Cyclops Skull is a display of a defeated Cyclops with a tooth knocked out, cracked eye socket, and possible dents around his nasal cavity.  There are also fractures in the skull on the front and back giving it a real beaten look.  It’s a bit morbid but I love how different it is.

Lastly, the Book of Spells is a great staple for any magical or fantasy themed bracelet.  It is a book that has “Spells” written on the cover with snakes and the ever-seeing eye on the front; the back is smooth with a bird and pentagram engraved.  I adore the arm coming out of the bottom and it is such a fun detail.  It brought immediately to mind – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a required textbook at Hogwarts from Harry Potter.

*redbalifrog* charms are fully compatible with all bracelet brands, including Trollbeads and Pandora.  The cores are interestingly placed in some of these beads so check out the side shots for close-ups.  My recommended retailers are: Redbalifrog US (US distributor), Perlen (Denmark), and Oromoda (Italy).  I paired the Aurora purple, pink, blue colors with these beads for a magical bracelet.  What’s been your favorite from this release?


Bead index (silvers are *redbalifrog* and glass are Trollbeads): bull totem lock, book of spells, unique purple flowers, aurora stripe, dragon hatchling, unique aurora ornament, moonlight bubbles, pegasus, unique purple buds, ivory violets, jackalope, red hematite, LE faceted aurora, cyclops skull, unique purple bud, aurora flower, mastya fish man, unique aurora waves, LE aurora, bali barong mask.

  • Laila Cox

    Your bracelet is beautiful Leanne. I just received my dragon hatchling and a black leather bracelet today. The detail in the dragon bead is exquisite. I’m not much into mystical creatures but I have developed a small fascination with dragons (mainly due to my young children I guess). The hatching will look perfect next to baby frankie! I do love the feel of the leather bracelet. I haven’t worn it yet but I do like how the beads sit snuggly on it.