*redbalifrog* Mythological Creatures

redbalifrog-halloween-cover*redbalifrog* is known for offering intricately detailed pieces and for this upcoming Halloween, I wanted to feature a few gothic charms that are based in mythology.  Ever since the Birds of a Feather Collection debuted, which included two amazing fantastical designs – the Fairy Goddess Ayu and Gryphon, I’ve been eager to collect more fantasy inspired beads.  I was looking through the older *redbalifrog* catalog and found a few other wonderful winged creatures that I had to have.  The Gargoyle, Baby Dragon Frankie, and Dragon are fierce and beautiful, perfect for Halloween or any mythological theme bracelet.

redbalifrog-gargoyle-collageIn history, gargoyles were often used as a symbol to keep evil away, but actually they have a more functional use as roof drainage systems in architecture.  This Gargoyle is a stout charm and as they’re normally depicted, he’s crouched over with wings folded.  The interesting difference in this charm is that the core is straight through the belly of the beast, rather than the side where typically the chain is threaded.  So on the bracelet, he actually sits sideways rather than facing the front.

redbalifrog-dragon-collage*redbalifrog* has a couple different dragon designs and they’re all amazingly crafted.  I’ve already featured the Dragon Lock, and it’s still one of my favorite fantasy locks from any brand.  The Dragon charm shows a small dragon sitting in a folded position and he’s all tucked up.  The core is threaded horizontally through the bead up or down on the bracelet.

redbalifrog-baby-dragon-frankie-collageLastly, my most recent addition is Baby Dragon Frankie.  He’s heavily texturized and placed in an interesting coiled position.  Both sides are different with his spine curved through the middle.  This is one of the only charms from the brand that has crystal detailing and his ruby eyes are stunningly intense.  Like the other dragon bead, this one is also cored vertically so that he sits sideways on a bracelet or sitting up on a fantasy necklace.

*redbalifrog* has large diameter cores and can fit all bracelet types including Pandora.  The silvers are heavy and provide great value for the price.  The brand has been expanding quickly and my recommended retailers are PerlenRedbalifrog USA (the official US distributor), Macrow Exclusive Bead Store (UK), and Oromoda (Italy).  I thought these were great for a more fantasy inspired Halloween bracelet.  Do you like this aesthetic?  Are you captured by these imaginary creatures?

Bead index (starting from left, *redbalifrog* silvers and Trollbeads glass): dragon lock, zebra, scarlet dillo, dragon, sahara night facet, unique red owl, fairy goddess ayu, unique purple footprint, black diamond, baby dragon Frankie, scarlet buds, purple dillo, gryphon, unique red eye, black bubbles, fallen angel, amethyst, unique red bunny, gargoyle, chess, purple wave.  

  • Bonnie May

    LOVE the bracelet you assembled, and although I probably wouldn’t find myself drawn to this particular set of silvers I do have RBF in my sights for some of their other gorgeous fantasy/mystical catalog! 😀

    • Leann

      Thanks, Bonnie! I wanted to do a slightly less traditional Halloween bracelet colors. You can’t go wrong with any of the *redbalifrog* charms, they’re all great :D.