*redbalifrog* Making Spirits Bright Review

redbalifrog-making-spirits-bright-cover2*redbalifrog* recently launched their Holiday 2014 Collection titled Making Spirits Bright. Included in the release was a continuation of the Ornament charms from 2012 and I’ve already featured them separately. Today, I turn to the rest of the charms which are more fitting for the season rather than explicitly festive, like the Gingerbread House & Snowflake, Cardinal, and Queen Bee.  I love the diversity in this collection especially the focus on designs that are more versatile for the rest of the year.


redbalifrog-gingerbread-house-snowflake-collageMy absolute favorite from this release is the Gingerbread House & Snowflake.  Not only do I love charms with small dangles, this bead is so perfect to represent the nostalgia and evoke warm feelings of baking and decorating for the holidays.  The house is wonderfully crafted and each side well detailed as their respective panels on the house.  The house is cored horizontally through the roof and is actually on the smaller side compared to other *redbalifrog* charms.

redbalifrog-cardinal-collageThe Cardinal is a known as the Christmas bird, hence its inclusion in this release.  Amanda has a real affinity with birds and there are a number of other winged animals in the line, including Doc the Parrot, Kookaburra Laughs, Night Owl, Graceful Crane, Shanti the Pelican, Chook the Chicken, and Penguin & Baby.  Each is so realistically represented, although in style Doc the Parrot and Kookaburra Laughs resemble the Cardinal the most.  This bird is most distinctive because of his peaked feathers on his head and Amanda does a great job highlighting this feature in silver.

redbalifrog-queen-bee-collageQueen Bee is also a very versatile charm that not only can used as a symbol of purity, rebirth, and immortality, but as the matriarch of the family as well.  This queen bee takes a literal interpretation of the insect and adds a crown over the spread out bee.  It is a hexagonal charm, displays the bee on both sides, and the chain is strung through the middle for a symmetrical effect.

The snake chain necklace that also came out with this release is the same texture and aesthetic as the bracelet, and is available in 45 cm/17.7 inches.  *redbalifrog* charms have large diameter cores and fit on bracelets of all styles, including Pandora.  My recommended retailers for this brand are: Redbalifrog US (official US distributor), Perlen (Denmark), Oromoda (Italy), Macrow Exclusive Bead Store (UK), and Artisan Bead Boutique (US).   I created this wintry mix to highlight these fabulous designs and I’m quite pleased with the result.  What’s been your favorite from this release?

Bead index (starting from left, *redbalifrog* silvers and Trollbeads glass): star lock, cardinal, unique blue poinsettia, LE blue flowers, night owl, unique blue petals, unique blue snowflake, queen bee, white stripes, LE glitter wave, caribou, unique starry night, LE blue tree, gingerbread house & snowflake, LE elegance in blue, LE blue snowflake, Dutch clogs, unique white braid, harmony facet, baubles.

  • Nereida Ammari

    I actually pre-ordered the Gingerbread House from Artisan Bead over the phone as I wanted to support her new business and she’s not allowed to sell Redbalifrog online. I was told that she would receive them in a couple of days. I called when I didn’t receive it and she said they weren’t getting them after all. Since I already wanted to have my bracelet finished for the holidays, I won’t be ordering from Redbalifrog USA. It also seems rotten not to deliver them to Artisan and instead disappoint the customers who had been promised them. What’s up with Redbalifrog? Do they want to keep new releases to themselves in the US? Very confused as this is a Holiday release and their retailers should have received stock for the holidays.

    • Leann

      Oh no! That’s too bad. I know retailers have to get their orders in relatively early, especially since the charms are shipped from Australia/Indonesia and Goldmine just picked up Redbalifrog recently so maybe that’s where the hiccup was.

  • Mary Robertson

    I was looking at the Redbalifrog site and saw the two charm sticks. The idea is really cute and I am wondering if anyone has either of these items and, if so, what they think about them.

    • Leann

      I’ve been looking at those as well! They’re a really cool idea especially if you like wearing necklaces :).

  • FairObjective

    Like you, Leann, I *love* the darling Gingerbread House & Snowflake; definitely have to get this before it’s sold out everywhere! Take care…Kim

    • Leann

      You won’t be disappointed! 😀

  • Martha

    Love this bracelet, Leann. I have the Gingerbread House and it’s been a real hit with the kindergarten crowd!

    • Leann

      It’s so cute! I’m glad your kids like it ;).