*redbalifrog* Love is in the Air

redbalifrog-love-is-in-the-airFor the past few months, I have been taking a look back at other notable *redbalifrog* collections that were released before I started with this brand.  Since it’s close to Valentine’s Day, this post features the Love is in the Air set that came out exactly two years ago.  This collection includes Cherub Dreams, Endless Loving, and the Heart Lock; while I only recently acquired these pieces, I have been wanting them for quite some time!  Definitely on point for the season, these *redbalifrog* charms are perfect for this lovers holiday but they’re also incredible additions to the line in general.

redbalifrog-cherub-dreamsEven though I only received the Cherub Dreams a few weeks ago, it’s quickly become one of my favorites from *redbalifrog*!  An innocent faced angel is depicted taking a nap with wings folded and his head on his knees.  The attention to detail that Amanda is known for is evident in this charm – with every tuft of feather and hair on his head carved in stark relief.  There is such a sweet feeling to this cherub that I can’t help but love it.  This bead is great for collectors that desire a more versatile design which doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day.

redbalifrog-endless-lovingEndless Loving features four intertwined hearts that encircle the bracelet.  It is so named because the hearts are looped into two infinity signs which creates a really interesting shape.  It’s not as large some *redbalifrog* charms and I would consider this an openworks charm as well.  As someone who is not particularly fond of hearts, I actually like this simple yet elegant design a lot and it will add a bit of romance to my collection. 

redbalifrog-heart-lockThe Heart Lock has been a popular *redbaliforg* product since its release in 2012.  The heart motif is well represented on this clasp with the heart as the general shape, little hearts engraved along the edges, and a heart-shaped keyhole in the center.  It plays on the common saying – the key to my heart which is really cute, and it has the same design on both sides. There are two styles of *redbalifrog* locks, ones with an articulating double clasp and ones that are a single piece; this is the former and allows a little more length than the solid locks. 

For those new to *redbalifrog*, these charms have large cores that fit all bracelet brands, including Pandora.  They’re comparable to Trollbeads silvers and pair wonderfully with Trollbeads glass as well.  The locks can be used with the two branded chains or also with the Trollbeads foxtail bracelet.  *redbalifrog* can be purchased from Perlen or Redbalifrog USA (the official US distributor).  I decided to showcase my wonderful TB faceted labradorites along with some traditional pinks and reds for this Love is in the Air bracelet, and I love this combination!  Do you have any of these pieces?  Which one is your favorite from this collection? 


Bead index (starting from left, all silvers are *redbalifrog and glass are Trollbeads): heart lock, feather of hearts, LE love sparkle, pomegranate, labradorite, unique pink braid, gingerbread heart, labradorite, unique red python, cherub dreams, unique pink scallop, lady godiva, unique pink ridges, unique cherry dillo, roses, pink pearl, labradorite, endless loving, unique pink ornament, root chakra.

  • Carolyn

    Just got my new Dashchunds and Ich Liebe Dich Lebkuchen, adore them! Can’t wait to start my German bracelet 🙂

    • Leann

      That sounds like a fun bracelet! What else are you going to add?

  • Faye

    Beautiful Leann! Love it! The IchLiebeDich Lebkuchen & Endless Loving silvers are two of my favorite RBF’s! I don’t own the heart lock yet, but it’s on my wishlist.

    • Leann

      Thank you! I’ve been dying to review this collection but wanted to wait until Valentine’s Day. 🙂