*redbalifrog* Love Blooms Debut

I’m very excited to preview the newest *redbalifrog* release titled Love Blooms!  The collection is officially released today and includes 1 charm, 2 stoppers, and 2 locks.  As the name suggests, these are flower themed and are called Heart of Roses brass version, Frangipani Stoppers in brass and silver, Lotus Love Lock, and the Heart Love Lock.

I adore floral motifs and this collection is one of my all time favorites, just behind Flowers for the Soul.  The Heart of Roses design was released as a single piece for last Valentine’s Day and I love the warmth tones of the brass making this a fantastic charm to offer in both metals.  *redbalifrog* charms have large cores and are compatible with all bracelet brands including Pandora.

The Frangipani Stoppers are simply inspired and my absolute favorite decorative stoppers!  These are smaller miniature versions of the Frangipani charm and are available in both brass and silver.  They are lined with silicone and fit on non-threaded bracelets and bangles like the ones from *redbalifrog* and Trollbeads.

Lastly, there are 2 new locks in this collection and they’re both lovely and practical! The Lotus Love Lock is a re-design of the original Lotus double lock and gives it the same profile as other *redbalifrog* clasps.  The Heart Love Lock features multiples hearts expanding from the center – it’s perfect for any love themed bracelet.

For a smaller release, these pieces have added a lot to the line including more options for the stoppers and locks.  *redbalifrog* can be purchased from my recommended retailers: Perlen and Oromoda.  Have you been looking forward to this release?

  • jae

    I luv Redbalifrog-I purchased the first brass pieces she offered and wondered at the time if they would tarnish-I am delighted to say they are still shining like new so I will definitely being getting the brass heart and some stoppers and new locks and . . . Needless to say, I am in luv with this new release!!!

    • Carol

      I have been admiring Redbalifrog for quite some time. The charms look so lovely and seem to have a lot of intricate details. I don’t mix my Pandoras, but I have started a second Trollbeads bracelet. I adore Trollbeads glass, but find some of their silvers rather expensive. I have noticed that people mix Trollbeads with Redbalifrog with some very stunning results! There is only one store which sells Redbalifrog in my area, but I am dying to see the brass heart of roses and the silver one from last year too. Maybe I will have to purchase both of them! ;D

  • Narelle

    Hi Leann, I haven’t purchased RBF as yet, but I think I will be in the near future, I really love this line of charms, so could you please tell me if I am a 19cms Pandora bracelet would I be a 18cm chain in RBF? and which is the best chain to get?, and does Perlen always have free international postage for free because at the moment they do as I’m in Australia and this is a great deal for me. And are the locks 2cms long? and what does the om lock stand for? so many questions hay, its just your the right person to ask these questions. Thanks Leann I hope you can help.

    • Leann

      Hi Narelle, you can’t go wrong with RBF! If you’re 19 cm in Pandora, you should get 17 cm in RBF, the locks are 2 cm. Perlen always has free international shipping. Om is a symbol of spirituality in Hinduism and Buddhism. Good luck!

      • Narelle

        Leann, do the chains stretch? because there are no 17cm chains, so its either 16 or 18 for me its the story of my life I am odd numbers in Pandora rings as well which they don’t make any more. So with the 16cm RBF chain its either going to be alittle small or 18 alittle big when the locks go on. But if they stretch this will help me decide which one will suit best, there are 2 different chains as well is one better than the other? with the stretch do you know. Thanks Leann.

      • Leann

        They do not stretch.

    • Nereida Ammari

      It’s free shipping at your own risk of loss (I haven’t had problems yet but it’s always a risk) or free registered with approx $300 US spend.

      • Leann

        It’s free registered (tracked) shipping for orders over 292,48 USD.

      • Narelle

        Thank you Nereida, I have found a site in Sydney I think it maybe the lady who designs the charms her name is Amanda, so I can order straight from her.

  • Tayma

    Hi there, Ive never purchased from Redbalifrog before, how is the shipping from the USA website as i want to go ahead and place an order?Thanks!

  • Narelle

    Can someone advice me please, on the 2 chain bracelets that RBF have and give me there opinion on which one you prefer. And I can still bye the double lock is this a good lock or are the new ones better without the double lock, love to hear your advice.