*redbalifrog* Listen to the Stars Review

redbalifrog-listen-to-the-stars-posterIt’s been a few weeks since the latest *redbalifrog* collection came out and I’ve really been enjoying it.  Listen to the Stars is the title of the release and it is so aptly named.  All the charms are inspired by star motifs and some of them are actual bells.  The pieces are called Christmas 7th Day, Christmas 8th Day, Christmas 9th Day, Shaman’s Bell, Star Bright, Star Stopper in silver and brass, the Star lock in brass, and the Twirl bangle.  This year’s holiday collection is less focused on traditional Christmas themes which makes it much more flexible to wear during the rest of the year.


I’m so glad to see Amanda continue with the 12 Days of Christmas ornaments and this year’s shape is so fun!  The first set were round, the second set were bulbs, and these latest ones are bells.  The Christmas 7th Day depicts 7 swans a-swimming with 7th Day engraved on the back.  Christmas 8th Day is a very subtle 8 maids a-milking, and Christmas 9th Day has 9 ladies dancing.  They all have small chimes on the inside, but they are not hollow and have mostly a solid center except for the core.  I love these all together but my bangle will probably run out of room with all 12 days next year.

Star Bright is a gorgeous addition to the *redbalifrog* line and it’s so versatile.  The star is asymmetrical with texture on one side of each point which was highlighted with oxidization detail.  It has the same design on both sides and the core runs through the middle.  Shaman’s Bell is my absolute favorite from this release and it is taller than the other ones in this collection.  It is like a dangle with the bracelet strung through the top.  There are stars across the base of the bell and ornamentation up the stem and handle.  The beautiful flourishes come to a point at the top of the handle and there’s a light jingle when it moves on your wrist.

I’m so excited that *redbalifrog* has made a bangle and such a fantastic one at that.  The Twist Bangle is a typical bangle with two strands of metal twisted together.  It is one size and can be squeezed to accommodate your wrist size.  It is oval and requires stoppers to hold the beads onto it.  It is great that *redbalifrog* has a number of decorative stoppers including the new Star stoppers, in both silver and brass.  They are compatible with Trollbeads bangles but not Pandora; and the Trollbeads stoppers can be used on the Twist bangle too.  Lastly, the Star lock in brass is another version of the silver Star lock which is one of my all time favorite clasps.  The brass has held up really well for me and is a beautiful alternative to gold for a reasonable price.

*redbalifrog* charms have large diameter cores and can be used on Trollbeads and Pandora bracelets too.  This collection exceeded my expectations and I am so happy with all these different pieces, especially the bangle which is another fun way to wear beads.  *redbalifrog* can be purchased from my recommended retailers Perlen and Oromoda.  With such a focused theme, I couldn’t resist pairing these designs with a blue galaxy theme, have you gotten anything from this release?

redbalifrog-listen-to-the-stars-bracelet10Bead index (starting from left, *redbalifrog silvers and Trollbeads glass): brass star lock, star stopper, Christmas star, LE moonlit ice, holly, unique blue dillo, Christmas 7th day, LE blue tree, Madonna and child, LE elegant sparkle, shaman’s bell, unique blue glitter triangles, star bright, galaxy, Christmas 8th day, LE angels wings, gingerbread house and snowflake, unique blue umbrella, winter snow, moonbeam facet, Christmas 9th day.