*redbalifrog* Leather Bracelets Review

redbalifrog-leathers-coverJust ahead of the new *redbalifrog* release is my review of the leather bracelets that came out with the Gypsy Easter Collection.  These are great additions to the line and offer another way to wear *redbalifrog* charms.  There are two colors tan and brown, both available in small (16 cm without clasp/18 cm with clasp), medium (18 cm without clasp/20 cm with clasp), and large (20 cm without clasp/22 cm with clasp).

The straps are lightweight, perfect to showcase a few charms, and has a real bohemian aesthetic.  They boast the brand’s signature silver end caps and the *redbalifrog* tag on the clasp.  The size of the rings are the same as their silver bracelets so the compatibility to Trollbeads locks varies.  The leathers are thick and designed to snugly fit their large core charms, so will only work with Trollbeads Universal Uniques or other large core beads.

I always love wearing leather bracelets in the summer as it can be too hot to wear bulky jewelry.  It’s so great to have these leathers that fit large core charms and hold them in place.  My recommended retailers are: Redbalifrog US (US distributor), Perlen (Denmark), and Oromoda (Italy).  I decided to showcase the leathers with just a few beads to highlight the straps.  Have you tried out these bracelets?

  • Heather

    I had been hoping for a leather bracelet thick enough to hold beads in place, but I haven’t tried the new RBF leather bracelets…yet. I’m hoping they will come out with black leather.

    • Leann

      Your wish came true! It’s available in black now, hehe.

  • Martha

    I’ve been wearing the tan bracelet with the RBF Sunflower charm. Love it! I also really like how silver tag makes a slight jingle as I move about.

    • Leann

      Oh I love that too! 🙂

  • Tracy

    I like this thickness too, hate my charms moving around the leather. Would love a double version of this, and some other colors 🙂

    • Leann

      What a good idea! I think that’s a natural progression of these :).