*redbalifrog* Enchanted Glade Collection

Continuing the busy week of releases today is the debut of the *redbalifrog* Enchanted Glade Collection!  The theme is whimsical and organic, definitely living up to the title.  There are 5 new designs in this launch called Fox in a Log, Mushroom Pod, Owl Nest, Spotted Fawn, and Tree Goblin.  These designs are great for the fall and anyone who loves a bit of fantasy.

It’s hard to pick what is my favorite from this collection, but the Mushroom Pod comes out just slightly ahead.  It is a little mushroom house and so adorable, I can imagine a little fairy or gnome living there in the forest.  The Tree Goblin is the other magical design in this set, and he is a mischievous character like a mix between a deer and a fairy.  He has a cane in his hand and is sitting close legged in a meditation pose.

The rest of the release include animals in nature and Amanda did a wonderful job crafting these beads.  Fox in a Log has a cute fox hiding out in the fallen tree log.  Owl Nest features three cute baby owls sitting in their nest and the detail is amazing – you can see the individual twigs used to make the nest.  Spotted Fawn is a dangle and shows a full sized baby fawn sitting and waiting for its mom.

*redbalifrog* charms have large diameter cores and fit on all bracelet brands including Pandora.  These beads are now available for purchase from my recommended retailer Perlen.  Do you like the theme of this collection?

  • Alice Wonder

    I like each one of them, a really nice release.