*redbalifrog* Ancient Mystics Review

redbalifrog-ancient-mystics-cover2The *redbalifrog* Ancient Mystics Collection debuted last fall but it was only recently that I purchased pieces from this release.  The entire collection was a mix of pendants and charms featuring an extraterrestrial theme.  This is also the first designs made by Amanda’s son, Nick Bazarow and so has a more unisex feel.  I geared towards the charms from this set since I don’t wear necklaces that often, so this review will focus on Unidentified, Bermuda, Rapa Nui, and All Seeing Eye; the Volcanic Fossil was discussed in the *redbalifrog* Natural Elements article.


redbalifrog-bermuda-collageNick most certainly has his own aesthetic that is quite different than Amanda’s. It is seen in the clean and unadorned lines of the charms, which contrasts wonderfully with the flourishing details that *redbalifrog* is traditionally known for.  This is most evidenced by Bermuda, which represents the notoriously mysterious area of water where planes and boats have become lost.  It’s simply a triangle with “Bermuda” and its coordinates engraved on the sides.


The All Seeing Eye is in the shape of the famous pyramids, which in some circles is rumored to have been built by aliens.  The eye represents the eye of God watching over humankind, and the three drops underneath represents the Trinity of the Christian religion. The bottom has a brick detailing which resembles the pieces of stone used to build it.  On the front and back, the Eye of Providence is also depicted as a symbol of prosperity.  The core is drilled from side to side, and it’s the largest bead in the collection.

redbalifrog-rapa-nui-collageRapa Nui takes after the large headed statues located on Easter Island, and again which some folks have said were left here by aliens or made to resemble the alien visitors.  It is an apt representation as it is simply a scaled down version of the giant statues with the prominent forehead and big nose, it’s no wonder some people think they’re from out of this world.  It’s really interesting to ponder the origin of these amazing works of architecture especially when they had such limited technology in the past.

redbalifrog-unidentified-collageLastly, my favorite from the set is probably Unidentified.  Whereas the other charms are all based off of places or landmarks on Earth, Unidentified takes a stab at what we imagine extraterrestrial spaceships would look like.  It takes after what has been commonly portrayed in old sci-fi movies as a spaceship.  It’s one of the bulkier charms in the collection and has a rounded bottom so it won’t sit flat.

Honestly, I didn’t appreciate this collection as much when it first came out, but after mulling over it for the past few months, I’ve really come to enjoy the out of this world theme and designs.  *redbalifrog* charms have large diameter cores and will fit on all bracelet types including Pandora. This collection of charms and pendants can be purchased on Perlen or through the official US distributor, RedbalifrogUSA.  I’ve paired these supernatural beads with Alex Cramariuc’s Mandala designs for this fantastical bracelet and I’m surprised at how much I love it.


Bead index (starting from left, *redbalifrog* and Trollbeads glass unless otherwise stated): om lock, unique white ornament, Alex Cramariuc mandala small, unique starry night, all seeing eye, unique green swirls, Alex Cramariuc mandala sphere open, inner glow, bermuda, WT Hong Kong skyline, TB big world, unique matte green ink, unidentified, inner glow, Alex Cramariuc mandala sphere, milky way, rapa nui, unique lime green dillo, lunar moon.

P.S. For those who missed my little update on the upcoming Me’lange Collection, it has been delayed until August 8th.

  • Bonnie May

    Ack! My Ohm UFO just got very lonely and started begging me for Unidentified! And with my two different Starry Night TB Uniques, Milky Way & WT HK Skyline, I’ve definitely got enough celestial glass to keep both of them company! Especially once I start picking up the Starry Night Pandoras this fall/winter…

    • Leann

      Unidentified would be perfect with those beads! I love the size of this charm, it’s such a great contrast to the Ohm UFO. 😀