Rare/Exclusive/Limited Edition Charms

Ever since I really got into Pandora, I wondered what all the special charms were.  That got me thinking about doing an article on the rare and exclusive charms that Pandora has made over the years.  For all of us who haven’t been collecting Pandora for years and don’t have first hand knowledge, there’s no real list or central place to find these kind of charms.   I’ve been slowly working on the post and since I recently got my hands on a new retired ram (this week), I thought now’s the perfect time to introduce it!   Here is what I’ve found about all the rare, country-exclusive, limited edition, or popular retired charms.  Please feel free to comment if there’s a charm that I’ve missed for this list!

  • Cindy Z

    I saw a pic of that before, I want it! I am an Aries, lol, best astrology one I have seen yet!! (Yes I am a newbie)

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      The little ram is adorable! For me, it represents my mom because she was born in the year of the ram :).

  • Maria

    Good day, please tell me, yesterday I received this charm of the store Perlen. Inscriptions ALE and 925 are located on the abdomen, one above the other. But rotated in different directions. This is the way it should be? I’m having doubts.