Presenting Novobeads (and Lagoon Mini-CZ Bundle Review)

Lots of new faces to the blog lately, and I’m happy to introduce another charm company today. I recently discovered Novobeads and found that they really bring their own unique style to the European charm market! Novobeads are headquartered in the US and all of their charms are also made in the US, which is great to see. They have over 350 charms; the collection is composed of silver, 14K gold, pearls, cubic zirconia, amber, and a variety of other precious and semi-precious stones as well. The charms are incredibly intricate for their size and look fantastic in person. The beads are universal core which means that they are compatible with Pandora, Trollbeads, Chamilia and other brands.

The Novobeads bracelet follows the lock and chain system, similar to Trollbeads and *redbalifrog* so the clasps are purchased separately from the chain, allowing the wearer to completely personalize her bracelet from start to finish. I really love the style of the Novobeads chain; the contemporary design is both strong and beautiful to look at. I much prefer it compared to the Trollbeads chain which has a dated feel. The clasps come in a variety of styles and is a bit tricky to master at first, but with the help of the company’s tutorial video, it has become simple to use. I also like that the clasps are on the smaller side which allows them to blend in with the charms when the beads gather towards the lock as they are want to do. Novobeads also carries bangle and leather bracelets as well, which do not require the clasp.

One of the first things that caught my eye about this brand was their amazing collection of faceted cubic zirconia beads. Whereas most companies produce mainly glass beads, Novobeads has created a wonderful set of cubic zirconia beads to add color and sparkle to any bracelet. The CZ come in two sizes, Signature CZ and Mini-CZ which is about half the size as the Signature CZ. The Mini-CZ are priced very reasonably at $25 each, or $99 for a bundle of 5 which is a great deal. I love green so I couldn’t resist getting* the Lagoon Mini-CZ bundle and they are so cute! The CZ are cored with a special process that prevents them from coming loose and breaking and the color is applied in multiple layers to the CZ changing the shimmer depending on the angle it’s viewed at.  My favorite out of the bundle is the Caribbean Dream which is a lovely blend of forest green, teal, and yellow on the edges; the ever-changing shades are mesmerizing.  My second favorite would have to be the Dream Lagoon because it also has various colors in the bead, ranging from blue on the edges to a dark emerald green in the center.  It’s fascinating that these charms can represent different shades of water from all around the world.

The Mini-CZ are absolutely darling and the bundles are coordinated with complementary colors. You can see that they are about half the size of the regular CZ beads.  Uncharacteristically, I created this bracelet with all glass because I wanted to feature the CZ; the changing colors are so beautiful!

Bead index (starting from left; unless otherwise stated are Novobeads): leaf clasp, TB unique blue feather, TB unique green fern, TB unique cream braid, TB unique amber turtle, bamboo mini-CZ, TB unique blue braid, TB unique teal floating seeds, TB light turquoise prism, TB unique amber dots, TB unique blue dillo, TB unique green mini flowers, citron mini-CZ, TB unique green python, TB unique teal fern, cornflower blue mini-CZ, TB unique glitter dice, TB two-tone teal dillo, dream lagoon mini-CZ, TB denim prism, TB unique amber stripe, sage crystal, caribbean dream mini-CZ.

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  • Gosialein

    thank you for that discovery, the beads indeed look nice,
    I’m glad, too, that you present blue beads as well as it happens to be my favorite color 🙂

  • JeanneP

    I love your new collection! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Janet L.

    Made in the USA, WOW!!…thank you for this discovery Leann!…I will definitely be having a good long look at this line!

    • Leann


      • Mary Jean

        Yes, me too. They are beautiful and made in the US! Wow, thanks for this discovery. I am going to get one for my new TB B’let. Really, so awesome.

  • Debbie

    Hi Leann,

    You and Victoria (endangered trolls) are very bad ladies indeed for fuelling my already out of control addiction. I’ve had a look at the website and this is a lovely brand, and it must be great for you and your fellow Americans to have a home grown brand in addition to all the wonderful offerings from Scandinavia!

    I am going to forget (for the moment!) that I read this post as I am already struggling to juggle my need for Pandora, Troll, RBF and Love Links and Frightlings. But thanks for the post, and I think if I was just starting out collecting charms then Novobeads would be towards the top of the list. They are also pretty reasonably priced when compared to other brands.

    PS – although I know I should have been concentrating on the Novobeads, your TB glitter dice is the jewel in the crown – you lucky lucky girl !!

    • Leann

      Haha! I know what you mean, Debbie. There’s just too much fun stuff out there. Thank you! It was my first dice ;).

  • Angela

    Wow… this is stunning, excellent find, had head about them but never seen them, that they are made in the US puts them over the top. Thanks sooo much. Your bracelet is beautiful, it reminds me of my childhood ,my garden now and to think it is all glass. I have often shied away from a bracelet of all glass thinking it would be gaudy, too fussy and that silver had to be in there but it appears from your example it’s just a matter of having solid colors to rest the eyes and bridge to the next charm.
    I think I may be creating my own version of your bracelet (:. You are right the CZ kits offer an amazing addition of color plus IMO adds movement to a bracelet and at 5/$99 thats a whole $75 less than 5 Faceted Pandora charms at $35 each, I could buy 2 kits… and they seem to offer a better color selection. I was saddened when Pandora did their faceted charms they offered no green or yellow these will make splendid additions and alternatives.
    Like the idea of a smaller clasp, fitting in with the charms but worry that it would be harder to put on and off but still like the drama and heft of RBF and Troll.So far am really loving the featured CZs..
    1) Could you provide a link? Having trouble opening their site?
    2) How does these CZ stack up to the Faceted ones from Pandora size wise?
    3) Do they offer a kit for the larger CZ?

    • Leann

      Glad you found the link, Angela! Your husband is too funny. The minis are about half the size of the Fascinating Pandora Muranos. The regular CZ do not come in bundles :(. I remember we talked about the Novobeads Christmas wreath. I’ll be featuring a few silvers soon!

  • Gosialein

    BTW, have you seen yet? I’ve just seen the webpage today

    • Leann

      I do have a few Silverado charms from when I first started collecting. Another great charm brand! 🙂

  • April

    Love the semi precious stones & pearls.Do they ship to the uk?

    • Leann

      You know, I’m not sure if they do. You can email then at about shipping outside the country. 🙂

    • Farah-Deborah Lok

      Hi have you tried the shipping to UK already? I’ve asked them about shipping to Belgium but I haven’t received an answer yet.

      They had a long list of shipping options but I couldn’t quite figure out which ones are used for what. There were 2 shipping methods with the word “worldwide” in it, both of them were over 80 dollars :(. The other shipping methods varied from 11 to 50 dollars, so I’m hoping there’s still a chance of getting a cheaper shipping method :D.

      • Leann

        Yikes! I’m not quite sure what their shipping policy is, Farah. I hope they answer you soon.

  • Angela

    Ha, finally able to access the site went through one of the items above. When I was complaining about not being able to get to the site Hubby said , it was probably a sign that I did not need to see as maybe they were not that nice… His wish… Well I got in and am amazed at their array of CZ and like April love their Pearls and semi precious stones. The silver will need more study.

    • Debbie

      LOL Angela, I sense you are a woman on a mission and not to be thwarted by something as silly as website access issues! Perhaps it was Leann’s post that made the website slowdown with all of us addicts trying to access it?!

      Your Hubby is of course wrong because the novobeads are lovely, I spent quite some time visiting the site and if I had lots of money I would definitely be buying this brand.

  • Michelle

    is the bracelet pictured a stiffer bracelet? I will say stumbling on your blog by “ACCIDENT” via Pandora bracelets has quickly also made me want to get my feet wet with Troll and RedBaliFrog along with ByBiehl and now another!!!!! will it ever end? Last night I went to a local store who sells Troll so I could get fitted for bracelet size and look at the beads in person, I’m in trouble as I want EVERYTHING!!!!!! Is it normal to obsess about beads? Is something wrong with me , spending time re-searching, making wish lists , going to blogs, pulling up images of finished bracelets for inspiration??

    • Leann

      I know what you mean, Michelle! And there’s definitely nothing wrong with you, or else I’d be in the looney bin myself. Lol. The bracelet is not stiff at all, it’s very fluid like the Trollbeads bracelet.

  • rainey

    Cool that people are discovering Novobeads. I have a few of their silver beads and think their execution can be top drawer. I particularly am smitten with the wreath, pinecone and skull beads.

    I also have the nautilus clasp. The Novo clasps are a very different style of clasp indeed but I find them very comfortable to wear and easier to fasten. I also like that when you fill a chain they are an integral part of the bracelet design since the fasteners are concealed within the clasps and, so, the beads can snuggle right up to the lock.

    I have suggested and hope they’ll consider doing a bat with wings extended and holly leaf as clasps for seasonal designs.

    I have never purchased any of the CZ beads but you have intrigued me with them and I will add them to my list. I had already planned to order a few of their interestingly shaped small spacer beads to use with the new TB bangle. I will add a couple CZs since I always love some sparkle somewhere on a combination but find pavé too gaudy for my tastes.

    • Leann

      They are very pretty, Rainey :). I remembered you mentioning the wreath and it looks great! Can’t wait to explore this brand some more.

  • Jennifer Essad

    I love the Novo bead I had won during a contest they offered in Feb. this year. It is love struck. It is beautifully designed and as you mentioned the weight-size is perfect for me. The quality is also nice. There was a small boutique that had just started offering them, but they didn’t participate w/the special promos, they didn’t even carry them for 6 months before they stopped. I was so disappointed in their decision. I would choose an American made company over an overseas one. I do own TB, Pandora and Chamila with great collections in all, I am to the point where I add to what I collect w/them though. I would start a collection of NOVO beads if a store in my area sold them. I like to see my bead choices in person due to the fact that TB and Pandora are not consistent in the designs from one bead to another. I look at 3-4 beads of the same design an pick from there-looking at the bead design’s definition. I appreciate your blog and the info put out! Merry Christmas!

  • Farah-Deborah Lok

    Hey, are the colors on the site of the mini cz beads accurate? The colors seem to vary for the signature cz and mini cz even though they have the same name. For example sunrise, indigo and blue lagoon… If the beads have the same name you’d expect them to have the same color. Thanks for your interesting blog! 🙂

    • Leann

      The beads do look a bit different in person than the stock photos. For the mini-CZ, the ones I received had different reflective colors that was not possible to tell in the stock photo.

  • Pamela Riggs

    I love Novo Beads. I’ve been collecting them for about 3 years now. The large and mini czs are beautiful. The silver beads are really cute.

  • Silence Dogwood

    I would never buy this brand. Morton Petersen started this company even before he and Trollbeads parted ways. Not cool! Trollbeads Denmark brought a lawsuit against him, which they won, and dissolved their distribution contract with him.